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No force in the entire universe will be able to impede you from unveiling with me the Secrets of the Flying Windmill Sex Position.

Folks, let’s be serious - is there anything more important than your sexuality? What? Work? Ambition? Por favor, chicos - those are just some notions that society put into your mind back in the days of your youth. Ever read a book “The brave new world?” There, it was shown quite explicitly what the process of conditioning looks like. One can freely manipulate human beings as long as one knows how to do it. As youngsters, we can be easily molded into whatever shape adults intend for us. And, since thinking is based on past memories… our personalities are nothing else but history. What follows is - the ongoing rivalry with others and endless competition is not how reality must look like. To make a long story short - we were brainwashed, folks. Sorry to say that, but that’s what the truth is. Needless to say, averting BDSM VR porn is becoming the undoing of our society. What about all those mental issues arising nowadays, huh? The continuous inward battle between our contradictory desires leaks into our actions, making this world an ugly place to live in, filled with negativity and hatred. Today, with the help of anal VR, we are putting an end to that. Vamos!

Curious how to alter the toxic society? The revolution starts here, inside small tits VR porn videos.

As Gandhi famously said: “you must be the change you want to see in the world.” There is profound wisdom in these words, fellas. One cannot expect to eradicate suffering if one himself keeps suffering all day long. So, how to root it out? How is one supposed to create a total inner revolution, getting rid of all the darkness and, hence, introducing light into one’s being? The subject is more complex than it might seem on top of it, believe me. Yet, we have time. Here, we will patiently tackle it, using the powers of female POV VR porn to dissolve everything that is evil inside your spirit. Still interested? Although, as the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat,” I firmly believe that in that case, it is the essential quality. Be attentive and allow fat VR clips to guide you through the realm of spirituality.

Thought is a culprit of our inner corruption. VR 6K porn will dissolve it mercilessly.

Suffering, my boys, exists solely inside your mind. As long as there is a thinking process going on, the suffering will thrive, growing exponentially, feeding itself with your precious life energy. Once we see the veracity of that statement, the question naturally arises - how the hell are we supposed to destroy it? Obviously, the methods we normally use cannot be employed here. I am speaking of the strong will and so on. Usually, when encountering a problem (which is just another creation of thought but let’s leave it for now) we use the thing called “volition,” creating a battle between the 2 opposite forces inside our minds, cheering for the latter and despising the former. Take bikini VR clips, for example - do you realize how many people from all around the world, due to their beliefs, deny the opportunity to please their willies with the help of our chicks? They create all sorts of stories trying to strengthen their will in order to make it oppose the “vicious temptation,” as they typically call our compilation VR porn. Yet, as I hope you have already noticed, everything is going on in the dimension of thought. One fighting with another endlessly. Here is what I want to put forward - what if, instead of feeding any sight of the conflict with our energy, we simply saw the absurdity of it and dropped the whole thing?

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No, no, no. There are no excuses whatsoever when it comes to it, trust me. Every attempt to dodge the issue should be immediately detected and obliterated from the surface - mercilessly. As far as I am concerned, that is the only proper conduct under such circumstances, my horny little goblins. Let me reiterate it once more - the only one. Grinning daily without including big tit joi VR clips into your routine is infeasible. After all, what reason do you have then to be happy? The fact you have to go to the office and get through the mundane paperwork? Or maybe watching another series where people gossip about each other and their ego undergoes interminable psychological dramas? Please, let’s be serious. Get rid of that folly. In the place of it, opt for bukkake VR clips and discover what actual merriment is genuinely all about.

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Typically, we don’t have contact with the life flowing through our veins at all. It is obscured by the mind, which produces the ceaseless thinking. We are so occupied with it that beholding the beauty around us seems out of place. Nah, we would rather worry about the future or, alternatively, dwell upon the past, regretting stuff, and so on and so forth. Can’t you discern how silly it is? Everything happens inside our minds. Those are just images created by the brain to distract you from the real thing. What do I mean by that? Please, close your eyes and focus your entire attention on the arousal of your piece of meat caused by missionary VR porn. That is the very essence of life, my horny little goblins. The delight flowing through your entire body, the nervous system going totally wild by the stimulus coming from everywhere. The affection you feel towards the girl, the mouth-watering that takes place after finding yourself inside Emma Hix VR sex scenarios. Connect yourself with it, dissolve the self, and discover your true nature. Do it right now!

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