How to make girl squirt?

How to make girl squirt? - VR Porn Videos

Fountains! Fountains everywher---- wait. Wait a second. These are not fountains. There are only wives of men who taught their hotties how to make a girl to squirt

It is harder than you think, believe me. At the very beginning, you might imagine that teaching your gorge how to squirt is an easy task. In the end, that is a natural ability of babes, right? Well, not really. Only some of them are born with it. Thus, if you have been wondering recently „how to make my wife squirt”, I am here to help you. Yet, brace yourself my kinky friend - a long way is ahead. The process of teaching your babe how to do it might be long, monotonous and filled with obstacles to overcome. It is not cum in mouth VR porn, darling - it is reality. Not every babe on planet Earth was born with the savvy indispensable for squirting. Nah. So, instead of asking „hot to get a girl to squirt” you better knuckle down to work and start practising it with your gf. Practise makes the master, remember. And patience is pivotal to succeed in life. Whether you like it or not.

How to make girl squirt? Well, there are various aspects of that

I know it might be unusual for you but let me please start this section with a quote by no one else but Karl Marx himself. But tranquilo, folks - I won’t try to persuade you to become communists or anything like it. The only doctrine that I diligently follow is lollipop VR porn ideology, nothing else. So, that’s what he said:

„The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it”

Ou, man, that was huge, I know. But how does it apply to our subject? Well, by learning how to make her squirt you will alter this world for the better, trust me. Just envision for a second the population in which every single hottie could squirt at any moment. Folks, I will be honest with you. I am almost cumming at the sole thought of it. It would be... splendid. Wondrous. Singular. Enticing. Spectacular. Etc. Mahatma Gandi said

„Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Hence, if that’s the world you want to live in - learn how to make her squirt right now. Time is of the essence here

How to make my wife squirt???? That’s what you ask me in your emails. Here is the answer:

Another quote is... I know, I know - I am getting philosophical today, once again. Don’t mind it, folks - that’s my nature. Sometimes you need a little bit of philosophy to relax from 4k nude VR clips... Never mind! Here is the quote (by Antoine de Sain Exupery, the author of well well-known and acclaimed Little Prince):

„I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings”

Needless to say, as soon as you make her squirt, not a single word will be necessary for both of you. It is similar to what happens in anal creampie VR scenes - as soon as you enter with your huge piece of equipment into the anus of one of these lucky chicks, you won’t need to articulate a single phrase anymore. Your moans will speak volumes, trust me. If that is why you want to learn how to get a girl to squirt, this article is the way to go. I will teach you that in no time - or at least I will make you understand why you should acquire this skill at all costs.

Boys! Girls! I’ve got a problem!!! how to make my wife squirt??????? Let Alyx Star VR clips lend you a helping hand, my helpless little fellow

To be entirely honest with you, guys, Alyx is known in the industry as the absolute queen of squirting. Even if you are rather into blondes, you will appreciate her unusual abilities, trust me. While deepening your mastery of the art of how to get a girl to squirt, you will have to reach out for Alyx’s help eventually - it is inevitable. I will tell you even more - the more oral VR scenes you watch with this hottie, the happier life you will have. I know that at the very first glance, these topics might seem unrelated. You might even ask me - help, Swallowbay dude, everything is fine but what the hell does it have to do with the price of tea in China? And I, as always, will tell you - tranquilo, fellas - more than it seems on the surface. Thus, keep calm and keep reading. Sooner or later I will teach you how to make her squirt.

No, it is not a hydrant, cowboy. You have just simply taught your babe how to make girl squirt

Yes, I understand it. The process of acquiring this ability entails a great deal of potential risks. The first one is - flooding your apartment. Really, I am not kidding. By no means. I have heard of cases where girls simply behaved like geysers - once they started, they couldn’t cease. As a matter of fact - it gets addictive (the same way as watching pussy VR porn). As soon as your hottie finally elicits her latent talent... There will be no going back, darling. You wondered how to make her squirt? Now your entire apartment will be filled with her lovely juices. Nothing will be spared. Carpets, tables, windows. As I have already said - like a geyser. Hence, better think twice before you ask us again how to get a girl to squirt - you might regret it afterwards. Instead, I would suggest to you watch blowjob VR porn videos - they are much safer, trust me.

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