Pretzel sex position - another thing you have to try!

Pretzel sex position - another thing you have to try! - VR Porn Videos

What is the pretzel sex position?

Every person who isn’t completely oblivious to sexual topics knows their fair share of fun positions for fucking; true connoisseurs have their favorites and don’t simply get laid in whichever way. If you wanna join this exquisite circle, first of all, educate yourself with VR 180 VR porn videos - those girls certainly know what they’re doing and are pleased to share. Second of all, you definitely must get to know many fancy sexual poses. It would take countless hours to list them all and many books were written on this topic. However, one pose that is absolutely necessary to know is the pretzel dip bedroom position. In its classic version the bottom lies on their side; the top lifts one of their partner’s legs and basically sits on the other one. It’s very easy to assume and very enjoyable for both parties! Let your imagination wander and imagine that you can fuck Brenna Mckenna VR like this… You can get a very similar experience by watching her masterpiece videos! Her work is the pinnacle of what the industry can offer when the actress has a natural talent and great passion for her job. She truly lusts for dick and gives it her best.

Configurations of pretzel dip bedroom sex

Do you know this feeling when you really like a thing, so you get it multiple times but in a different color? If yes, then you probably are a fan of gangbang VR vids, and you appreciate when positions have different variants to try. Worry not, such is the case for the pretzel sex position! So, in the usual version, the penetrating side lifts the leg of the bottom and fucks them while being in between the legs, in the upright position. But if both of the people lie down, facing away from each other, they can change things up a bit. Especially if both of them have vaginas - then it’s a great position for scissoring. However, if it’s the deep penetration you’re searching for, take the typical pretzel and have the bottom drag their leg to their chest. Now the guy doesn’t have a penis like those from big dick VR porn to satisfy the girl! The angle is so clever, that even a small cock will feel amazingly filling. This is actually one of the reasons why women have great orgasms in this position; check it by yourself!

Pros and cons of pretzel sex position

Each sexual experience is unique in a way, and though partners can’t fully predict how it will roll, there are some steps most partners undertake to elevate their fun. Many are obvious: showering beforehand, finding a quiet place, preparing lube and some naughty toys… maybe even watching some lollipop VR to get in the mood faster! But one of the most important things is knowing which position suits both of the lovers. The pretzel dip bedroom pose is great, but not for everyone, unfortunately. It allows very deep penetration, so it’s a good choice for men who aren’t that well-endowed, and for women who simply enjoy taking the cock fully. However, if the girl has some issues with pelvic floor or endometriosis, the sex in the pretzel sex position may feel painful. And obviously, pain is acceptable only when it’s desired, like in VR BDSM videos. Unpleasant sensations while getting dicked are certainly not very exciting, so in that case simply switch positions and exchange vaginal discomfort for actual lust-inducing, thrilling whipping. Now, this is something anyone brave enough can enjoy, no matter the state of their genitals. Power play truly is such an accessible and open form of having sex!

Pretzel dip bedroom fucking for her

Research shows that many modern women have trouble reaching orgasm, especially during heterosexual intercourse. This is quite horrible, because where’s the fun if there’s no pinnacle to it? Simply looking at the sweet face of Melody Marks VR when she’s orgasming shows how precious of an experience it is - each girl should be able to feel this. So if your lover has such trouble, don’t fret, simply keep on trying! We hurry to offer some tips on how to remedy this awful situation. First of all, try the pretzel sex position as fast as possible. Why, one might ask? Well, it has all the factors necessary for an amazing female orgasm: it allows both deep penetration, hot skin contact, and access to the clit. If you are feeling adventurous it’s also great for anal pretzel dip bedroom sex, though, of course, cumming from butt sex is a bit more advanced than the usual bedroom fun; even though the experts from big ass VR porn videos make it look easy. You would need some necessary preparation to make, and long foreplay. Still, it’s a hot way to explore one’s sexuality and widen the horizons of pleasure.

What is the best about the pretzel sex position?

There are many joys in the life of a typical guy: hanging out with friends, watching favorite shows or blowjob VR videos, enjoying a hobby… It varies from person to person, but there’s one thing that almost every man absolutely loves: fucking his partner and watching them moan. It is simply objectively hot and instantly makes even the worst day better. Pretzel dip bedroom fucking is one of the best positions for having a sexy view; while having sex like that the dude can see everything clearly: boobs and the face. It’s almost as good as close up VR clips, which allow one to see every sexy detail they could dream to imagine, even in a pretzel sex position. Every inch of the actress’ body is filmed and enhanced in gorgeous quality for the clients to enjoy. It is common knowledge that sight is the dominant sense of many men, so it’s crucial to cater to it. Let yourself be spoiled by the best VR experience available for money to treat yourself before fucking your partner! After all, doesn’t everyone deserve nice things?

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