Slow it down, cowboy! Let speed bump sex position stop you for a moment

Slow it down, cowboy! Let speed bump sex position stop you for a moment - VR Porn Videos

Aren’t we too hasteful nowadays? Why don’t we use the speed bump position instead?

Needless to say, this one ranks among the top positions of vanilla people. By no means am I surprised by it, seriously. When you ponder it for a second it makes perfect sense. When you want to do it slowly in milf sex VR clips, in a more sensual manner - speed bump positions will cater to your needs perfectly. In the end, it avoids speed at all costs, leaving you with pure voluptuosity. No wonder that business people normally hate it. They are so busy all day long and at the end of it, they want to keep banging and go to sleep. Hence, they are usually in a stew when their partner asks them to have fun in speedbump sex. Many of them when confronted with such a situation goes straight to skinny VR porn where they are at their liberty to do whatever they wish. That’s what the business world looks like dear reader.

So much stress, so much haste. Why don’t we ease down the tempo and go for the speed bump position?

I don’t understand why--- okay, actually, I do understand it. I wanted to ask you why so many people choose to be constantly stressed out nowadays. The thing is, though, that they usually are simply unaware that their state is their choice. If only their circumstances allow them to do so, they can invest their spare time in sleep or cut down on the consumption of cigarettes and instead go for erotic VR clips. And, in place of jerking off hastefully choose a speed bump sex position with their partner. It might blow you away at first when you consider how much influence you have over your life. It’s not any sort of hocus pocus, really. You know that stress is killing you, right? Hence, you should pay utmost attention to your habits, especially to speed bump positions in lollipop VR porn videos. It is no joke, I am serious. Take care of it. The faster you... Okay, no speed, take things slowly. In the end, that’s the first principle of speedbump sex.

What do cars and speed bump sex have in common?

This one is a no-brainer. After all, the very idea of speed bump positions is derived from the streets, isn’t it? You are driving your Ferrari, trying to get the most out of it and then... Oopsie, you ran into a speed bump. Even if you are not an owner of a Ferrari, it might happen to you - particularly in facesitting VR scenes. You want to have a quick jerk-off after a tough day and then... You run into problems, as one of our girls doesn’t want to do it that quickly. Before taking care of your horny piece of equipment she prefers to lick off her lollie first... One needs to have priorities in life, right? Your glorious phallus ranks at the very top of it, of course, but lollies are even higher. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if in Kitana Montana VR porn you will be asked to have fun together in a speed bump sex position. If I were you, I would accept it off the top of my head, really. Any type of hesitation might be treated as an affront against this hottie. Needless to say, that’s not something you want, right?

Don’t play Russian roulette with life. In lieu of it, choose speedbump sex

I know that experimenting might sound alluring. You want to discover your sexuality, step on the unmarked territories... But, actually, what for? Why would you risk losing your time when you can go for a well-known speed bump sex position? Every hottie on Swallowbay knows it, from Maddy May VR to Marilyn Johnson VR. Additionally, they don’t merely „know it”. Hell no. It is their area of expertise. In the end, if so many horny guys asked you for the same thing, you would at last specialise yourself in it, wouldn’t you? That is precisely what happens here. Boys who come to our candy land usually need a sweet treat during the break at work. It goes without saying that the speed bump sex position serves its purpose then. Even though it inhibits you from cumming as fast as in sloppy blow jobs VR porn, you will still get pleased - as always on Swallowbay.

Why do it fast when you can do it slow? Let me explain to you the secrets of speed bump position

Recently I’ve fallen in love with the song „Me olvide de vivir” by Julio Iglesias. There, he sings the following words:

„Me olvide que la vida se vive el momento” which translates to „I forgot that life is being lived in this moment” or something like that (translating is not that easy guys!). What can we learn from the old Julio? Certainly, one thing. That life is happening now. Thus, why don’t you concentrate on the little details? Why don’t you slow down with speedbump sex? Wasn’t it William Blake who said in one of his poems the following words:

„To see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower”?

Yes, Latina handjob VR clips should be added to the list as well, there is no doubt about it. To be completely honest with you, I took a decent break after writing these words - they are deep when you dedicate a few seconds of your time to them. The same applies to speed bump position - the more time you spend doing it, the better and the more profound it gets (checked info, I’m telling you chaps). Hence, whenever you pay a visit to our girls in handjob VR porn videos, be reminded of the words of William Blake and enjoy yourself as much as you can! You live only once, after all.

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