How to Watch VR Porn on Daydream

In the mood for watching Google Daydream VR porn? You’ve found the right place

We know that all of you are real fans of getting blowjobs in virtual reality. There is something special in it. This feeling that you can fuck any girl you only want and whenever you want. It gives you power, you can feel the masculinity in your veins. Using a Daydream device for watching Swallowbay 6k VR porn is truly dream-like. Right now there is nothing separating you from getting the best VR blowjob on this planet. Ready? We hope so. Here comes the tutorial.

How to Watch VR Porn on Daydream

First, downloading

The entire process is quite easy and doesn’t demand too much time. We know that with every single minute, you are getting hornier and hornier, but be patient. If you follow the steps below, you will get the best Daydream VR porn sucking that you can find anywhere

1) Go to Google Play Store and install an app called “VRTV”

2) Log in to your Swallowbay account and choose the videos you are in the mood for. But it’s not that important, every single one of our girls will make you feel ecstatic.

3) Go to Android Settings and disable NFC (if it’s active). Usually, it can be found under “More” in Wireless and Network settings. Doing that will prevent the Daydream environment from launching once you put your device in the headset.

Second, watching

We are almost there guys, tranquilo. With every step, the best Daydream VR porn is coming closer and closer. Undo your zipper and make sure you are rock hard because our hotties are no slouches when it comes to sex

1) Open the VRTV app and browse to the VR folder where you can find all of the videos.

2) Not the time has come for adjusting the settings so that you could enjoy these VR sloppy blowjobs as much as you only can.

3) Set the “Screen” to Dome 180° for SwallowBay videos.

4) Set the “Video Type” to 3D SBS and “Projection” to Normal.

5) Make sure that VR Player is selected for head tracking support.

6) Now you can finally click the “play button”

7) Center the orientation as much as you can and insert your device

That’s it guys, you are ready!

A few words about Google Daydream VR porn

This device has been created by Google with one purpose. To make your VR experiences as realistic as it’s only possible just by using your mobile. Have they managed to achieve that? It’s hard to tell, you need to check that on your own. On the market there are a lot of different VR devices so choosing a specific one is difficult. Daydream certainly belongs to the cheapest category and it’s easy to play on it with our Google Daydream VR porn. That’s why if you are short on a budget but at the same time you want to have the best virtual reality sex experience possible - go for it!