How to Watch VR Porn on Samsung Gear VR (compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S)

In case you don’t know, let us make some things clear first. Watching Samsung Gear VR porn on Swallowbay will be unforgettable for you

That’s not a secret that every single one of us dreamt at some point of having fun with hotties from all over the world whenever we fancy. Thanks to virtual reality technology it’s finally possible and you can enjoy the best Samsung Gear VR porn clips on the sites like Swallowbay. If you are into blowjobs, and you certainly are, you’ll have a lot of fun here. But let’s explain now how you can access our content with your VR device.

How to Watch VR Porn on Samsung Gear VR (compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S)

First, requirements

It’s essential that you check whether your phone is compatible with Samsung Gear VR. Before buying the device we strongly advise you to visit the site https://www.samsung.com/uk/support/mobile-devices/which-galaxy-smartphones-are-compatible-with-which-gear-vrs/ and make sure whether everything will be all right.

Second, downloading

1) The process is pretty simple. At the very beginning, you need to log in to your Swallowbay account and download the Swallowbay Gear VR video (videos HIGH 5400 x 2700 5k option works only with Samsung Galaxy International)

2) Then, open “My files” on your phone and look for “videos”

3) Once you are there, hold the Swallowbay video and move it there:

Device Storage//Android//Data//com.samsung.vrvideo//Files And click “move here”

Third, opening

1) Now you are ready to finally wear your headset. Put your mobile phone in the Samsung Gear VR and adjust the settings.

2) Go to the “MilkVR” application and open it.

3) Choose “downloaded”

4) Swipe your pad until you come across Samsung Gear VR Swallowbay VR porn videos

5) Select the video and enjoy!

DEO VR player for Samsung Gear VR

If you are more into DEO VR Player, you just need to download it first and launch it. Once you are there, click SBS on the left and 180º on the right. That’s it.

The most intense experiences with Samsung Gear VR porn videos

If you are an owner of a Samsung device, you certainly wondered whether you should get yourself its Gear VR device. Of all the VR devices it belongs to the cheapest ones and is perfectly compatible with your newest Samsung phone. That’s why it’s a must-have if you consider yourself a real fan of VR sloppy blowjobs. Just a few hundred bucks will completely revolutionise your sex life. Is it worth it? Theoretically, you are the one who needs to answer that question. But if you asked our hotties... Well, you know... Their answer wouldn’t surprise you too much.