How to Watch VR Porn on Oculus GO

Oculus Go VR porn is simply irresistible, you’ll see

If there is one thing that you can say with absolute certainty and without any hesitation it’s that the virtual reality sex clips from Swallowbay are something you need to watch in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an amateur or a connoisseur of Oculus Go VR porn. You just need to do that. Why? The pleasure you will get is just enormous, it’s hard to describe it with words. But there is no need to do that anyway, your cock will show you the truth. Ready for the best VR blowjob you’ve ever had? Here comes the tutorial that will help you with that.

How to Watch VR Porn on Oculus GO

First, downloading

1) At the very beginning you need to install some VR players from Oculus Library. We recommend you Skybox, it seems the most intuitive. But you can choose whatever other player you like, the choice is yours

2) Log in to your Swallowbay account and choose the video you are in the mood for. You don’t need to limit yourself, you live only once, remember

3) Using a USB charging cable connect your Oculus Go headset to the computer

4) In order to make it work you need to put the headset on your head. Otherwise, the computer won’t have an access to the Oculus Go files and that’s something we don’t want. Once it’s on your head, click “allow access to data”. Now you can remove your headset

Second, watching

We are half the way through already, be patient. We understand perfectly well that waiting for a Swallowbay Oculus Go VR porn video may be tough, especially when you are horny, but keep going. Our girls will empty your balls out very soon, just give us a moment more.

1) Now we are searching for the Oculus Internal Storage. You should be able to find it in Windows Explorer, marked as Oculus or simply “VR-headset”. If autoplay is allowed on your computer, you should be able to open Oculus Storage directly by clicking on “Open device to view files”

2) Once you are there, transfer all of your files into the Movies section. Oculus is a pretty powerful device, thus, you should have no struggle with playing 4k videos at 180°

3) In case you prefer to use Skybox VR Player on your Oculus Go, just launch it and choose “VR videos”. There you should be able to find all of your downloaded videos.

The new dimension of Oculus Go VR porn

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