How to Watch VR Porn on the Oculus

Hot chicks having fun with your shaft? Only with our Oculus VR porn tutorial!

When thinking about watching porn, you certainly wondered how it would feel to do it with virtual reality technology. We can tell you beforehand. Absolutely great. Okay, but how are you supposed to do so? Here comes a quick tutorial that certainly will dispel all of your doubts.

First, checking the requirements

What we recommend you do at the very beginning is to visit https://www.roadtovr.com/how-to-tell-pc-virtual-reality-vr-oculus-rift-htc-vive-steam-vr-compatibility-tool/ and check whether everything is fine. Once you make sure that your devices are compatible, you can get down to business.

Second, downloading

1) You need to install a VR player from Oculus Library. Skybox is our recommendation but you can choose a different player. It’s not of much importance.

2) Once everything is done, choose one of our sloppy blowjob VR porn videos you’d like to see (you don’t need to pick one only, of course. On Swallowbay sky is the limit) and connect your headset to the device you use with the charging USB cable.

3) In order to make it work, you have to have the headset on your head. Otherwise, Oculus will block access to its library and you’ll be unable to watch your favourite Oculus VR porn clips. Click on “allow access to date” and that’s it. Once it’s done, you can remove the headset.

4) Now you should be able to see the Oculus internal storage on your pc. In Windows Explorer, it should be marked as VR-headset or, simply, Oculus. Unless the autoplay is turned off on your computer, you should be able to open the Oculus’ storage by choosing “Open device to view files”.

5) Now the time has come to transfer your Oculus VR porn scenes directly to Movies Directory. Oculus is quite robust so it should be no problem at all for it to play 4k videos at 180°.

6) If you use Skybox VR Player on Oculus Go, open it and choose “VR videos”. There you will see an entire collection of your Swallowbay Oculus VR porn.

Have fun and remember! Don’t run out of your cum too soon. These girls are craving it