How to Watch VR Porn on Sony Playstation VR (PS4, PS4 pro)

In the mood for Playstation VR porn scenes? Here comes the tutorial on how to use it

If you found yourself on Swallowbay it doesn’t make any sense to ask you whether you are into having fun with girls in virtual reality or not. We know the answer perfectly well. After all, we’ve created this site for people like you. If you are an owner of PlayStation VR, in this tutorial you will learn how to use it in order to enjoy the best sloppy blowjobs VR porn on your device.

How to Watch VR Porn on Sony Playstation VR (PS4, PS4 pro)

First, downloading

You should head straight to Playstation Store. Navigate to the app section and find the “LittlStar VR Cinema” app. Once you are there, download it. It’s certainly one of the best virtual reality apps that is available on the market. You instantly gain an access to boatloads of free short movies, from criminal to comedy ones. But, what’s most important, it allows you to enjoy your Playstation VR porn videos from Swallowbay. That’s the only app that makes it possible for you to watch them in 3D.

1) Find some PS4 compatible Flash USB drive (must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32) and insert it into your PC.

2) Create there a folder called “LittlStar”

3) Log into your Swallowbay and choose the videos you’d like to see. Download their Playstation version and copy them to the “LittlStar” folder

4) It’s essential that you change the name of the file. Call it “myvideoname_180_sbs.mp4”

5) Remove the USB flash drive from your pc and insert it into the USB port of your PlayStation.

Second, opening

Once you got the USB flash drive into the PlayStation, the time has come to finally watch your PlayStation VR porn clip.

1) Put on the headset on your head and open the LittlStar VR Cinema app

2) Go to the library. You should already see the downloaded videos

3) Click on “play” and that’s it. You should be watching Swallowbay 3D VR porn video

There is no way you will get bored while watching our PlayStation VR porn scenes

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