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There’s nothing more exciting than stepping into the grey area of VR porn, all the dirty scenarios that are taboo for many, are easily taking the cake on the scale of arousal. Nothing can top a bit of step-mom or step-daughter fantasies, just the thought of sharing space with someone you’d like to mouth fuck is boner-inducing. Actually getting the chance to realize your taboos is a whole other thing, and with immersive technology like virtual reality, it suddenly becomes an obsession. There’s plenty to go through, some things like choking and spanking are also up there in the region of taboo sex, even though they’re some of the most common things. You’ll definitely get a healthy dose of uniform fetishes, yes, the dirtiest ones, girls dressed in revealing lingerie, kinky stockings, and all the latex they can find. It certainly enables them to roleplay for you on our VR porns the way you like it, turning into maids, dommes, or even slaves. Then again who doesn’t like some bondage? It’s certainly kinky when you’ve got a girl on her knees, hands cuffed, and her pretty mouth gobbling on your dick. Going hard on all these slutty girls is certainly taboo, vanilla enjoyers would rather go for some doggy and think how dirty they are, but not here. You’ll have the chance to slap their pretty faces with your cock and demand it gets sucked until their mouths are sore. Having a hard time getting satisfied? Grab their heads and stick your dick deeper down the oral cavity. That will show these VR bimbos who’s the head of the house, and who’s giving head. SwallowBay is built upon the principles of taboo, swallowing cum is something plenty of girls find disgusting, but we’re all damned if it isn’t enjoyable filling them with creamy loads and watching how it slides down their throats.