Why Swallowbay girls are so special

Why Swallowbay girls are so special - VR Porn Videos

Among everyone on the internet, it’s not a secret that girls from Swallowbay are the most adorable ones. Whenever you ask someone for a recommendation for a great virtual reality blowjob porn video he will immediately tell you that we are the place you are looking for. But the question is what is the specific reason for that? Why our girls are so special and highly appreciated by anyone on the internet? If those questions have been on your mind recently, this article is going to be riveting for you. We will answer here this very question going greatly into detail so that you could finally satisfy your insatiable appetite for knowledge. But first, let’s break this complex topic into smaller parts because otherwise, it will be utterly difficult to explain to you clearly all of that. First, we will talk about the beauty of our chicks. We will dive into this topic and tell you how we select hotties that you will always find adorable and charming. Secondly, we will talk about character traits which are essential to star on this best sloppy blowjob porn site. And finally, we will mention briefly other essential aspects which you may have missed out on. Ready? Let’s kick it off.


It won’t be too big of a surprise for you that one of the most crucial aspects of the process of selecting our babes here is how they look. For many guys on this planet that’s the most important factor. Even though we don’t agree on that, because there are many more aspects of bigger importance, we need to take care of everything so that you could enjoy the best VR blowjob porn experience you’ve ever had in your life. We will do whatever it takes so you could get that. That’s why whether a chick is good-looking or not is also very important. We only choose babes who are the most stunning. We don’t allow ourselves to rest on laurels. Never. That’s why when you enter Swallowbay which is the best virtual reality blowjob porn site you can find anywhere, you will never see mediocrity. Our hotties are the best ones that can be found anywhere and once you decide to give them a chance you will know that. They are great. There is nothing more that should be added here.


If you’ve ever had a blowjob of poor quality you will immediately get what we are talking about here. Even if a chick is pretty, it’s not said that she’s passionate about what she does. That’s why there are so many VR porn videos on the internet that are simply bad. At first, you see a hottie in front of you and you get excited, but after a while, you see that she’s totally uninterested in what she’s doing. There are very few things which make us sadder than that. For this very reason on our site, you will see only the most passionate hotties. Having such girls here allows us to create hot sloppy blowjob VR sex scenes that you love so much. Those cocksuckers are just hungry for you. They are like lions from the roman arena. They haven’t been fucking (in the case of lions - eating) for days so that they could be totally ferocious when the anticipated moment comes. For this very reason, you can feel sometimes as if they wanted to eat your cock, not just suck it. But please, be considerate of them. Those hotties just need your nutritious cum to live. So once they get closer to its source... Sometimes they may simply forget themselves a little.

Those are the two most important aspects that are responsible for the superb level of our sexy virtual reality sex scenes. There are many more elements that we still haven’t covered and maybe one day we will do it because the list is quite extensive. Those that we’ve discussed so far are simply the most relevant ones and it would be a pity if you didn’t know about them. We hope you’ve learnt a lot here and that acquiring this knowledge will allow you to enjoy your favourite VR sloppy blowjob porn videos even more!

Image source: MIA KAY VR

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