Why do some girls like the taste of cum?

Why do some girls like the taste of cum? - VR Porn Videos

If you sit back and think about all of the best blowjobs that you’ve ever gotten in your life, the chances are very high that all of them ended with the girl swallowing your load. There’s just no way that a woman who’s afraid to swallow cum is going to be any good at sucking dick. Just look at the girls in the blowjob VR porn that you’re getting on SwallowBay. Each and every one of those girls is always ready to feast on a thick and sloppy load. Some of them even consider it one of the most important meals of the day and that’s what makes them so good at massaging cock with their mouths. None of the VR porn movies here will ever end with the girl pulling you out and jerking you off unless it’s to get it all over her face or tits. If a woman wants to be good at sucking men off then she has to be in love with cum and that’s just the way that it is. There are really important reasons why a girl could actually like the taste of cum and here are just a few of them to let you know why some blowjobs are just better than others.

It tastes like sex to them

The first reason that a girl could like the taste of cum is that she doesn’t have to like it at all. Cum doesn’t have to actually taste good for a mouth girl to like it. Just because the girl in the blowjob VR video is begging you to shoot your load down her throat doesn’t mean that she’d eat it as a snack. What happens is that it tastes like sex to them and sex is always a good thing. Most of these types of women had someone cum in their mouths when they were first learning how to suck a cock. It’s usually by accident, but it happens just the same. The women in the fellatio virtual reality scenes here all had it happen to them. The taste then gets associated with sex in their minds. They end up not being able to feel satisfied with a good fucking unless they get to taste cum at some point. There’s nothing at all wrong with it. If you’re ever lucky enough to get a blowjob from an 18 year old girl, do her a favor and just cum in her mouth. That will set her up for a life of great oral sex.

They love to please

The next group of girls who like the taste of cum are the women who just want to please a man. It can be someone who’s dating or married to a guy and just wants to make him happy or it can be a single woman. The girls that you can play with in the blowjob virtual reality videos that are just waiting to make you happy on SwallowBay are all this way. They just want to make a guy happy and their mouth is the best way to make that happen. What sets them apart is the fact that they know that a blowjob needs to end in their mouths and not in their hands. They already know that they have to swallow to make it memorable and they’re more than happy to do it for you. If you come across a girl like this then you have to make sure you don’t let her get away. She’s going to be the best mouth massage of your entire life and you’ll want to keep that around.

Get it all of the time

You don’t have to ever waste your time with a girl who’s not going to swallow your load. All you have to do is get your suck jobs from the girls that you can find on SwallowBay. Each and every blowjob VR sex clip that you come across here is going to make you happy with the skill level that’s in store for you. All of the women here know >what makes a mouth massage good and they want to give it to you as many times as they can possibly manage. There’s no reason to give into your needs and let a girl barely use her mouth on you. She’s just going to disappoint you in the end. You might even end up with the worst kind of blowjob possible. This is when the girl actually expects you to finish yourself off so she doesn’t have to. Don’t put up with something like that. Just spend your time with the kinds of women who are only there to make you happy. They’re all over the place and they always have something good for you whenever you’re in the mood for it.

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