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  • Name: Sami Parker
  • Aka: Doli / Goddess Sami / Sam / Samantha Parker / Sami Li / Star
  • Dob: 1997-03-19
  • Height: 165cm - 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 51kg - 112lbs
  • Measurements: 1997-03-19
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Official site: https://twitter.com/SamiParkerxxx
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • State: Arizona
  • Sami Parker Biography:

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    There are plenty of porn actresses among us. Many girls start their careers dreaming about becoming Hollywood stars one day. But with time, they realise it’s not so easy and they just stay where they currently are; in the porn industry. Nonetheless, not each of them has such plans for the future. Sami Parker may be the perfect example of that. She always knows what she wants and pursues it. From a very young age, she was aware of her aptitudes. This babe saw the way men were looking at her curvaceous body and decided to make use of that in the future. Therefore, it didn’t take her too much time until she made her appearance in Asian VR porn clips. She has the verve demanded in the actress’ profession. Whenever she takes off her clothes in front of the camera, she goes all in. Thanks to the fact this girl always does her best, you may be sure that whatever VR garter belt movie you watch with her will be perfect.

    Asians are generally hot, but our Sami Parker VR porn is even more singular

    She started her career at a very young age of 19 years old in 2016, which allowed her to gather a tremendous amount of experience. This, obviously, gives her an enormous advantage over her colleagues. If a porn producer wants to create the best cum swallow VR porn videos, he knows whom he should invite to participate in it. This girl was born in Arizona. That’s a tough place to live. You all know it: sun everywhere, dry air and a lot of snakes hiding everywhere. So, as all of you may already presume, the process of growing up in such a location isn’t the easiest one. That’s what made Sami as tough as she is right now. Any obstacle which life puts in front of her doesn’t concern her too much. Having great, fake boobs of size 36C, whatever happens, some man will come to save her from danger. And she will always praise her saviour with something great... You all need to know one thing: the sloppy blowjobs she can do are legendary. She became known for it across the whole planet. No one in our world is capable of doing such VR cumshots to you.

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    All the men that happened to be lucky enough to spend some time face to face with that babe confirm that unanimously. So if you want to see the best VR Asian cowgirl scene available on the Internet, better look for them on Swallowbay.com, as Sami Parker loves playing in that place. Many of her colleagues wonder what it is like to be like her. Being so hot and young, as she’s still only 25, and simultaneously being so good at what she does. As we already mentioned, it came with experience and hard work. It’s not such a piece of cake to get laid in a full episodes VR porn videos for over 30 minutes. Even for this hottie at first, it was difficult. But over time, she got used to that and even started to love it. Each sloppy bj she makes is the purest form of art of fellatio. She has already managed to master that skill. This is the reason why so many of her co-workers are so envious.

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    Sami is an encapsulation of the purest form of talent and a hard-working attitude. That’s what makes everything she spends her time on implacable and prominent. Many people cannot grasp with their minds how great everything she creates is. And it’s totally comprehensible, as an average human being is rarely exposed to such things. The hairy VR porn videos she’s part of are a form of art. You may think about her as a very formal and kinda “stiff” type of person, nonetheless, you are wrong. Like most girls on Swallowbay.com, Sami goes crazy when she sees a VR big dick. Also, she’s a very sympathetic girl. Therefore, seeing a lonely man whose only way to get his balls emptied out is jerking off utterly upsets her. She wants to give out an  orgasm to each needy man that is on this very planet. That’s her real mission. It’s hard, though. After all, there are so many guys all over the world.

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    That’s why she decided to start showing herself off on camera. This way, the only thing you need to do to access her curvaceous and irresistible body is to turn on your mobile phone and immerse yourself in a cum swallow VR porn scene. It’s almost unbelievable how easy it is. And the awareness of how many guys are fantasising about touching her gives Sami a certain type of pleasure. Just the thought of how many men dream to feel her tongue on their shafts. Sami Parkes is dedicated to what she does, but without you, fulfilling her lifelong mission is impossible. You know what they say; it takes two to tango. So better put on your VR headset and prepare yourself for the best VR facial you’ve ever given to someone. If you let her taste your delicious come, she will be so grateful to you. It will be addictive for her.

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    She’s so petite (as she weighs in at just 118 lbs) she needs man’s gravy very much and that’s not only for its taste. For her little body, the nutritious components it has are essential for further development. This hottie needs you as much as you need her. Your cum is simply essential for this VR petite Asian. It’s a very equal type of relation, based on both-sides benefits. You get the best curvy VR porn videos and she gets delicious food. She’s very grateful you allow her to spend your precious time with her. There are so many other girls around and you chose exactly this one... It must be stated that she’s very happy with your choice. So now, let her repay you with her sensual tongue by going down on you and doing you the surprise blowjob whenever she only can. Isn’t that the best method to spend your free time? Sami is just waiting for your orders...

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Sami's Stellar Lollipop - VR Porn Videos VR 6K
Sami Parker
Date: 10th May 2022
Time: 51:00

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