All that you need know about pillow grinding

All that you need know about pillow grinding - VR Porn Videos

Pillows... we all love them so much, don’t we? 

Needless to say, once you are over with this article, your affection towards them will... well, the word „skyrocket” comes to mind - and I find it the most adequate. You shouldn’t doubt it - haven’t you seen what girls from cyber VR clips are doing with them? If you thought that the only thing that could be done with pillows was sleeping - boy... how naive you were. Sure, there are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to the topic of „how to grind a pillow”. For many of us, by no means is it obvious. Sure, some folks out there seem to be born with the natural talent for pillow grinding. However, for those of you who were too busy with taboo VR porn videos to be concerned, even to the slightest degree, with how to grind a pillow - I come with a rescue. Haven’t you wondered what it feels like to squirt on a pillow? Or, maybe - what about cumming on it? Not too shabby, right? Brace yourselves, folks, as we are about to enter the deepest chambers of pillow grinding.

So, how to masturbate with a pillow?

This wildly popular method of jerking off is more complex than it might appear on the surface. Really, guys - get ready for more information than they gave you at a university. There, you had a theory - whereas on Swallowbay you are confronted solely with practice. Thanks to that, girls from big natural tits VR clips are hailed to be the best teachers on planet Earth - they can teach you all kinds of silly stuff, from how to grind on a pillow to how to lick lollipops. All these things and more accompanied by moans and voluptuous sighs. Are you already drenched with sweat? I hope you are, cowboy, as you wouldn’t need a warm up then. You know all these chicks who get wet before you even touch them? It goes without saying that in Japanese VR porn videos, you will find plenty of them. So, get yourself sucked into the fantasy world that Swallowbay has prepared for you. It will be filled with candies, hotties and... pillow grinding. Uncover the wild side of yours and go - these pussies are waiting for you. All wet, of course.

Has someone just run a marathon? Then, you will need to learn how to grind a pillow

I know what you might say right now - wtf Swallowbay dude, what are you talking about? What do marathons have to do with the price of tea in China? Not to mention pillow grinding... Okay, okay - I get your point, folks. Learning how to masturbate with a pillow and running marathons combined together in one article might seem utterly random. Yet, who said we are going to write something normal, here? What I am trying to do is take you for an enlightening ride, where all of your senses would be laser-focused - the same way as in Hime Marie VR scenes. Both of us realise you need this kitten more than air, am I not correct here? Well, you can get her. Swallowbay makes it possible for chaps like you to indulge in all the best stuff that life has to offer. From deepening your knowledge on how to grind on a pillow to banging babes in spank VR clips. We are the experts when it comes to purveying pleasure to our clients - or, rather - our girls are.

Are you already itching to learn what pillow grinding is all about? Let me explain it to you

The curiosity of yours astounds me, you know that? In fact, more than anything on this planet. I have lived there for a longer while but never before have I encountered anything similar to it. At a guess, you have already heard the saying that curiosity killed the cat, right? Here is the crucial question, though - can learning how to grind a pillow harm you? Well, I am not an expert - but I don’t think so. And far from that. Usually, the more knowledge you have, the better you fare in your life, right? The equation is simple. To be entirely honest with you, I am taken aback sometimes by what the future holds for me. It might turn out at some point that acquiring the technique of how to masturbate with a pillow might be indispensable for you to survive. Surprising? Well - you should expect from life nothing but surprises. Even when it comes to banging in 6K VR porn. Trust me on this one. It is extraordinary.

Don’t be reluctant to admit it - both of us realise how much you would love to know how to grind on a pillow

Why wouldn’t you take as might delight in the moment as it is only possible? Why, allow me to repeat it - why wouldn’t you relish the time you were given by god? And what is the best way to take advantage of it if not deepening your knowledge of how to grind a pillow? Okay, there is the other way as well, we both realise what I am thinking of - the gangbang VR clips with our babes. Now imagine what would happen if you only combined those two activities... As far as I am concerned, it is close to impossible not to get turned on at the thought of it. Isn’t the impact that these kittens have on your shaft simply bewildering? You almost forget that you wished to read something about how to masturbate with a pillow. No, your mind is elsewhere at such moments - wandering through the meadows filled with tight pussies and juicy butts. There are no meadows more stunning than the ones I have just described to you... Why wouldn’t we ramble through them for a little while, huh? Stocking VR porn videos were created precisely for that reason.

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