Become a master in Tantalizing Octopus Sex Position

Become a master in Tantalizing Octopus Sex Position - VR Porn Videos

How to: Tantalizing Octopus Sex Position

Hello, my horny friends! We are friends, right? I hope so because recently I have got quite lonely… Sleeping under the bridge, collecting food from rubbish… Well, that’s life… But enough about me! Let’s get into this fascinating and helpful guide. We’ll start with a simple but honest question: Do you even know what the octopus sex position is? If you don’t, well, my friend, you have found yourself a real gem of writing craftsmanship. Here we will explore the subject thoroughly without skipping even the most minor detail of this way of lovemaking. I’m sure that you have already enjoyed our big cock VR porn videos. If you haven’t I recommend you check them out right now. This article can wait. We don’t want you to experience blue balls while reading this. To understand the octopus sex position you need to be attentive and focused. Without those ingredients, you can just forget about it. This method of shagging required unhuman finesse and elegance. If you are lacking those don’t worry! After indulging in the raptures of our site you will for sure develop those important character traits. Let’s take VR foot fetish for example - without a necessary involvement you’ll end up just licking someone’s feet and we all know that it’s not always so pleasant. But if you engage yourself in this sensual activity you are up for an erotic adventure.

How do you get started? Everything you need is conveyed in this step-by-step guide. It will also enhance your VR milf sex.

Step number 1 - find yourself an octopus. Remember that the sea animal has to turn you on at least a little bit. Your dick should jump with joy when it senses this evolutional masterpiece. It’s quite easy to find such an octopus, especially if you like seafood. But please note that it has to be alive. Remember that there are many fishes in the sea so you will for sure find something that will make you cum like a madman. Step number 2 - gently fuck the octopus. The animal has razor-sharp teeth that will harm your Johnson badly if you don’t remove it before the act. Take it into consideration if you are not into BDSM. Step 3 - watch one of our’s cum in mouth VR videos. It will make your dick as hard as steel. Actually, it should be step number 2 because it would secure your wiener from unnecessary injuries. Why hadn’t I said it before? That’s a true mystery that only my therapist will know… I haven’t gone to the guy recently, maybe I should have done that. But anyway, let’s leave my mental issues aside, ok? I was just too consumed with VR teens to bother about my progress in psychotherapy.

Steps number 4 and 5 are also present in this precise instruction. Some of the steps may require watching threesome VR porn videos.

I hope that your ferocious piece of meat is doing fine. I really don’t wish you no harm, so I said to watch our clips before screwing the animal. Step number 4 - dispose used octopus and find yourself a new one. Probably now you are thinking: “Why have I fucked it in the first place? What’s going on?”. Ha, ha, ha… But it’s no joke from my side. Because of these “unnecessary” steps, you are now ready for the real thing. Since you have a fresh one at your disposal now is the time for the thing you have been waiting for. Step number 5 - this time jerk it to hairy VR porn videos. This step, like before, is to prevent your phallus from another set of hazards. I don’t want to repeat myself but octopus’ teeth are extremely sharp. During my college days, I used it to open the packages from the mailman! Can you believe that? Life is indeed an absurd phenomenon… Anyway, let’s get back to our guide. Step number 7 or it was number 6? Yeah, I think it was 6 but we will explain it in the next paragraph. Now you will listen to my exhilarating story that happened yesterday. So I was searching for some rough sex VR porn and I came just by thinking about it! God damn’t!

Finally, you will learn what this position is all about. Yes, VR natural tits are either involved.

I’m sincerely sorry if you've perceived that I am wasting your time. Time is the only thing we have in life. As Gandalf the Grey said: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”. Because of that wisdom, I apologize. Now you can and I even recommend you to try our sloppy blow jobs VR videos. There is something about that sloppiness that gives me wood even right now. But let’s get back to our instructions. I’m sorry again for venturing too much off-topic! So, step number 7. Yeah, I think the number is correct. Place your sea animal on top of a horny chick of your choice. This step is the hardest one - I’m not gonna lie to you. How to find a seductive and stunning gorge willing to engage in such fantasies? Fortunately, you have SwallowBay, and our hotties will do anything you order them to do. So after shagging the octopus you can just watch one of our petite latina VR clips and skip the rest of the steps entirely.

The experience is going to be unimaginable just like our cum on face VR porn videos. I guarantee that.

If you have found yourself a beautiful, naked, and shapely aroused girl by some miracle here is what you will do next. Step number 8 - fuck both the octopus and the girl at the same time. But how to achieve that? It is impossible, inconceivable, far-fetched, implausible science fiction, you might think. But believe me, my dear friend, that everything is possible. Our full episodes VR porn videos are solid proof of that statement. Even Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 - “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move”. When our Lord says so, it must be doable. Take this tip from a fellow mortal human though: you can ask the animal to wrap its calipers around your little soldier. You see? I told you it’s possible! And it’s fantastic I am telling you. It’s even better than reading a bible, or going to Sunday school! It’s a fucking privilege, a goddamn supernatural phenomenon. You have to experience it - you owe it to yourself. This art of carnal amusement will help you to rediscover your inner child which you keep hidden away from sunlight in the depths of your tormented psyche. Note that VR squirt could help in that matter as well. This simple guide will become a true redemption in your life. You’re welcome!

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