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Kamasutra belongs to the past, boys. It is withering already. With the era of virtual reality headsets ushering in, there is no time to read books or scroll through hundreds of pages of content. Instead, nowadays, we should focus ourselves much more on the practical part of knowledge. Whatever you learn, apply it instantly. That is why many folks from around the world regard Swallowbay as the most comprehensive educational platform available out there. Our babes are excellent teachers, trust me - from cozy ASMR VR sessions to something more extreme such as cum swallow VR porn, we’ve got you covered, cowboys. Therefore, why bother with reading anything, huh? Please, stop, just stop. Time is worth its weight in gold, boys. So why the hell squander it, huh? Remember this single principle and let it guide you through life - one can always make more money. Yet, one will never make more time. Hence, relish what you’ve got and allow Swallowbay’s bombshells to amuse your willy tonight. It is worthwhile, believe me.

Being obsessed with cum on face VR porn is a natural thing.

Don’t worry, fellas. As I have already mentioned, having a small fixation over our girls is not only normal but also very desirable. I wouldn’t be taken aback if, in the near future, the employers would be looking for such traits in their workers. Why? Due to a simple reason - a man who is into group sex VR sex scenes is an example of sanity. Moreover, he shows his potential boss that he has his heart in the right place, and he is guided by the priorities imposed on him by Mother Nature herself. Tell me, but honestly - wouldn’t you like to have someone like that in your own company? One doesn’t need sites such as Sexpositions.com to be educated in the art of fellatio and other kinky positions, fellas. I bet you are the walking proof of that. Therefore, why don’t we indulge a little bit in what Swallowbay’s girls have prepared for your willies, huh? Needless to say, your wildest fantasies are about to be turned into reality in these pussy VR clips. Hence, embrace this opportunity and… let these sex demons show you what true adult entertainment is all about.

Discovering yourself with Japanese VR porn is much easier than any therapy.

Trust me, fellas, I know what I am saying - in the end, it is the firsthand sort of information. In my case, long years of therapy were to no avail. Talking unceasingly about my past and worrying about the future. One can do it all day long, ad infinitum. It gives one a sensation of doing something valuable, something that can be used to one’s benefit… Yet, the past is past, chicos. It doesn’t matter why certain emotions arise in your body. What matters is whether you see them or not. Whether you are AWARE of them taking place, being deeply rooted in the present, the here and now. Needless to say, our riding VR sex scenes will anchor you in it more effectively than anything else. That is exactly why I have mentioned in the headline that Asian VR porn clips are the most reliable way to access your true nature. These chicks catapult you into what is, leaving all the what is not behind. No more ambitions, no more anxieties, no more identity. All of those are just the masks you are wearing on a daily basis. Now it is high time we got rid of them at last. And access reality as it is without distorting it through any lenses whatsoever.

I am serious - now or never. Allow your willy to access the divine through the glasses VR porn.

Postponing it is injurious, boys. It is just another tactic used by your mind to survive a little longer. Do you realize what’s the nature of your ego? I mean, the identity, the constant inner chatter going on with you? It exists only as long as thinking takes place. It is fiction, buddies. All the stories one tells about oneself. One’s fear, one’s shame, one’s burdens. Everything I have just mentioned is pure imagination, nothing genuine. Finding it hard to believe? Then let’s make an experiment, shall we? Put on your virtual reality headset, find facial VR scenes, and immerse yourself in them entirely. Align yourself with every single carnal sensation, allow your inner beast to prevail and take over the control. And then… ask yourself - or, better - just look - are there still any thoughts? Is there any identity you are attached to while climaxing? I will leave this question unanswered - go and check it out on your own.

Be free from your mind. VR iphone porn can be really helpful when it comes to that.

Attaining the state of absolute freedom is tough when one is deep in the abyss of thought. In total honesty, it has no end. While thinking about something that has neither a beginning nor an end, we are entering the realm of paradoxes. Needless to say, following this path will bring us nowhere. Hence, instead of looking for a point in something that is pointless by definition and thus getting dizzy from making circles, why don’t we stop for a second and look around, huh? The thing is, fellas, that our thoughts are making us entirely blind. In the end, why are there people in this world who claim that BDSM VR porn is nothing more than entertainment? Because their own prejudices block them from seeing things clearly. Don’t be one of them, okay? Don’t fight with your mind; every form of fight is just another of the ego’s survival strategies. After all, who is fighting in the first place, if not ego itself? Nah, Senores, let’s stop this vicious cycle. Instead, opt for lollipop VR porn and break free!

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