Is semen good for skin?

Is semen good for skin? - VR Porn Videos

Is cum good for your skin? Philosophers have been asking this question for ages

It tempts me enormously to write here “Of course it is!!! Even more - it is absolutely delightful!!!”  however, as always - the deeper you delve into the subject, the more intricacies you encounter on your way. When I searched for it on the internet, by no means were the results precise. One must be a knowledgeable scientist to firmly answer the “is cum good for your skin” question. here is my offer, though - why don’t we relegate this question to the babes from skinny VR porn videos, huh? I am more than sure that they have more content with men's gravy than any scientist out there, no matter how smart. As always - instead of theory, sometimes it is much better to rely on the practice. It goes without saying that our chicks from facesitting VR clips had impressive insight into the subject, Today, they are going to share the secrets of their trade and unveil in front of you the ultimate truth.

Is cum good for your skin?

I don’t want to stipulate to you how you are supposed to live your life, however…. Okay, okay. Saying that reminded me actually of a fragment of a conversation from Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. It went like that:

“I remember lord Henry said once that most often people say that they are not going to preach someone. And that is precisely the moment when they start preaching them”. It looks pretty similar to what I am about to do here. because yes, sure. I can’t stipulate everything you do, even if I wanted to. I’ve got a piece of advice, though. What you do with it is utterly up to you. But hear me out for a second, okay? Were I you, instead of asking all the time questions such as “is sperm good for your skin” I would focus my entire attention on garter belt VR scenes. As far as I am concerned, they are a sight to see! Sure, you might still be curious whether “is semen good for skin”. Yet, why would you yield to the curiosity of yours any longer? At this point, Nietzsche would ask you the following question - my lad, is that what gives you the highest feeling? No? So why the hell are you doing it?!

Is sperm cum good for your skin? Here is the response that philosophers have come up with

Don’t impute the guilt on me if the solution which I am about to present to you doesn’t work in your case. In the end, I am neither a philosopher nor a person who created this idea. The truth might be sometimes hard to swallow (I almost wrote Swallowbay here, out of habit), yet - you are the one who is responsible for your actions. Life might confront you with a plethora of various conundrums (like whether you should watch 4k nude VR clips or not tonight - or, even worse - whether you should surrender to the insatiable curiosity of yours and read the article titled “is cum good for your skin). But the reaction to them is up to you - and solely up to you. No one to pin blame on but for your own mind. Strangely enough (okay, I don’t know if it is that strange) people who have an internal locus of control (because that is what being responsible for oneself is called in psychology) seem to be much happier than those who are always hurt by someone else. Ponder it for a second, fellas. And get down to work!

Is semen good for skin? I forgot to tell you!

Comparatively speaking, yes, it is. Especially, when you compare it with the cosmetics that you can get nowadays in the pharmacies. Trust me, boys - chicks from 360 VR scenes used solely stuff from the supermarkets, they wouldn’t look half as good as they do now. Nope - cum is their secret. Without it… Man, I don’t even want to imagine what they would look like. You know the looks of the typical female nerd students who are into physics and stuff like that? Well, at a guess - that would be it. Pimples, glasses. Oh, I have almost forgotten! Have you ever heard that sperm is also great for eyes? I guess you might have acquired this information before - in the end, you asked “is cum good for your skin?” instead of “is cum great for your eyes?”. Now think for a second - have you ever seen a chick with glasses in our cum on face VR porn videos? My horny friends, it is time to connect the dots!  I don’t know what you think about it but As far as I am concerned it is far from being a coincidence. Nonetheless, I have a hunch that I am not the only one here who spotted this pattern…

Now is high time I finally answered your question - is cum good for your skin?

The standout characteristic of Swallowbay’s babes is the following - they always have both impeccable manners and skin. You can’t spot a single mark on their pretty faces. Pristine, that is the word that comes to my mind. By no means are they the purported beauties. What do I mean by that? You see - in some cases, girls want to dissemble their true selves. Oftentimes, through wearing make-up. Make no mistake, though - the hotties from Asian VR porn are nothing like it. They are not covering up their imperfections - thanks to your cum, they have none. Thus, don’t ask me anymore “is sperm good for skin” and instead use your eyes, por favor! Unless you are blind, you will be able to immediately notice the main dissimilarity between girls who are not fond of VR facials and those who are turned on by them. It is like eating veggies - sometimes you have to endure the flavour if you wish to land your hands on all the good stuff…

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