Captain Sex Position - how become a master

Captain Sex Position - how become a master - VR Porn Videos

Ahoy, captain! The captain sex position has finally arrived at Swallowbay’s American VR clips!

This journey is going to be a long one, I can tell you that already, my horny fellas. However, time doesn’t matter when you do what you like, huh? This is the main principle of full episodes VR porn videos that you can see here. No matter how long we make them it is apparent you will keep jerking off your piece of equipment till the very last minute. After all, why not? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when you find yourself jacking off for two hours, all covered in cum - from head to toe. You are in for the footjob VR oblivion, my lad. And once you enter this path, there is no going back - whether you like it or not. Especially, when you add to the equation the captain sex position. Then, things get even hotter - and thus, even more irresistible. As far as I am concerned, you must yield to the temptation. Tranquilo, though. Our kittens are going to guide you through the mysterious realm of Kamasutra with an amazing delicacy. You won’t even notice when you delve deeper and deeper into the dirty secrets of their anatomy…

You must act on what your gut tells you. Captain sex position is on your checklist and we both know it - there is no denying this fact. Luckily, you will find it in Violet Starr VR porn videos

Don’t back down when the wave of pleasure overcomes your body. It is a natural instinct to recoil in the utmost fear when you are confronted with the sheer power of your inner animal - but keep calm. You are in the good hands. In fact, the most qualified hands that you can find anywhere. The hands of kissing VR experts. Today, together with these charming kittens, you will finally discover the meaning of life. But not the universal one. Nope. It will be all about the real purpose of your existence. If any Hindu guru tells you that you are a lunatic and that there is no meaning for all of this - tell him to go and fuck himself. Promise me that! Are we good? Okay, let’s move on! To tell you the truth, wet VR clips were created exactly for that reason. So that you, my curious reader, could finally discover your true self. Or, as Nietzsche would say - your Higher Self. Intrigued? Keep reading!

On no account should you withdraw from pursuing the truth about the captain sex position. Particularly, since our striptease VR scenes can help you out with it so much

I deeply understand that your existential frustration mounted over the years. Year after year, doing the same mundane paperwork. Just to go back home and find out that your cat destroyed something or shared his excrement with the carpet. Sometimes, life sucks. Unless you use the adequate approach towards it… The thing is that this phenomenon can be either experienced like a thorn that gives you pain whenever you move or… like a smell of jasmine lingering in the air. If you wish for the latter, you must seek refuge in skinny VR porn videos. Only there will you find the sexual oblivion that you have been craving throughout your existence. Some people escape from suffering through yoga. Others, opt for drugs. Others, for video games. You, though - you should stop escaping. Instead, take the bull by the horns and alter your reality with help from big tits VR scenes. That is the approach I personally recommend. Allow me to elaborate on it in the next paragraph.

Captain sex position might become your biggest ally if you play your cards right

And how to play your cards the best way possible? For instance, by stopping at this very moment to pander to the fear. Yes, you have heard right, cowboy. It is high time you stopped following this rowdy voice screaming at you about the future and so on. It distracts you from what your heart is telling you - and it, no doubt, tells you to immerse yourself in the Asian sex diary VR scenarios. Hence, why the hell would you do anything else than that? The answer is this - because you have already accustomed to listening to the former - thus ignoring the latter. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the problem. Especially, if you are aware of the fact that Socrates is known for saying - “I know that I know naught”. Some part of your subconsciousness, though, is entirely convinced that it’s got everything figured out and that if you do one thing another will inevitably happen next. And whereas one can easily predict that putting your hand into the blazing fire will harm you or that our Japanese VR porn will certainly cause you immense orgasms - most things don’t work this way.

Sooner or later, you will find yourself reading about the captain sex position again and again

Why? Due to the simple fact - it is addictive, my friend. Whether you like the truth or not, there is no escaping from this fact. Thinking about curvaceous babes from Curvy VR porn ranks among the most entertaining activities for your brain. Nowhere else are your neurons half as active as while you are shooting your big load while thinking about these walking wonders of nature. If you wish to reach the inner equilibrium - I guess that is what happiness is truly all about - you must hear out all the voices from your head and then make a decision - to debauch yourself entirely in the gaping VR. I have a warning, though. You can’t omit any single voice, even if it is a whisper. Otherwise, it will mount in power, disturbing your well earned bisexual VR delights and then, out of nowhere - strike you in the least expected moment. Needless to say, it is better to take preventive measures and learn the captain sex position as soon as possible.

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