Doesn’t everyone have a praising kink nowadays?

Doesn’t everyone have a praising kink nowadays? - VR Porn Videos

Let’s start from the very beginning - what is a praise kink chaps?

Guys, if you have spent enough time on the Internet (and you certainly have done so, I am almost entirely certain of that) you probably came across praising kink. I am inclined to say that it is impossible not to find it at some point, even in amateur VR clips on Swallowbay. Even we, the most vanilla site on the internet, have it here. It is so prevalent that getting rid of it seems infeasible. At least as far as I am concerned. Okay, okay - but what is a praise kink? That one is a no-brainer, I am telling you. On no account does it take a genius to guess it. Some people, basically speaking, get turned on just by listening to the compliments. Needless to say, it can easily be turned into the stuff that you can see in body cumshot VR porn videos - it is, bdsm. Haven’t I told you that the internet is filled with praising kinks? That’s why. No matter what you like in bed, you will eventually stumble upon it. Sorry not sorry, that’s inevitable.

Wanna some praise kink examples? I am more than glad to hand them to you

As far as I understood, you are leaning towards dipping your hungry toes in the immense sea filled with praise kink examples? Sure, here we go. I would like to warn you, though. It might get a little bit spicy at a certain point. In the end, we are going to touch upon such topics as master and slave relationships + mental disorders. Basically, all the good stuff. Yes, I understand that, as a fan of Chloe Temple VR scenes, you might not be entirely accustomed to such a topic. You like it vanilla, I get it. Yet, if you want to know some of the praise kink things to say, you have no other option but to keep reading this article, delving together with me into the praising kink scenery, step by step. Folks, as always - we will do it slowly. One thing at a time, right? My psychologist has the following saying:

„You are supposed to eat an elephant with small spoons”

Figuratively speaking, of course. In cum swallow VR porn videos there will be no elepant-eating - the main dish will consist of your delicious cum. It goes without saying that such ambrosia will be perfect both as a main course and dessert.

So, what are the praise kink things to say?

„Honey, you look great” is the most basic one. Needless to say, there is much more interesting stuff. Unfortunately, they usually include the word „slave”. Well, whether you are into master and slave relationships or not, that’s what praising kink is all about. Of course, at first, it could be seen in big ass nude VR vanilla content - but soon it went deeper and deeper into another dimension of „kinkdom”, if you allow me to create such a word. You still don’t know the praising kink meaning? To make a long story short, it is a tactic that the masters use to toy with their slaves. If you, for instance, give a massage to your beloved master, he might praise you or not. He knows how much you would love to be his „good slave” and he can take advantage of that. If you served well, he can allow you to be turned on for a minute by his genuine praise. To be completely honest with you, you won’t find such tactics in Ebony VR porn - our hotties express their gratitude through intense moans and sighs. Nonetheless, we are not into BDSM here... If we were, though - things would look quite differently, I am telling you.

If you are into kiiiinky stuff, the praise kink examples might interest you quite a bit

Especially, if you are a slave - at least if that’s the way you call yourself on a daily basis. Then, at a guess, you suffer from the praising kink. Your only wish is to serve your master as diligently as you can - so that you could be praised by him. Well, I know you haven’t experienced anything like it in curvy VR porn but I hope you can understand what I am talking about. It goes without saying that your master is aware of that and he (or she! Then you would call her mistress) would not hesitate to take advantage of your praising kink. He/she would tell you to do all the tedious stuff from their daily routine - whether it’s ironing or washing dishes - and at the end of the day they would give you the honour of telling you „a decent job slave”. That would be a moment you have been waiting for the entire day. Yes, even such a small thing as I have mentioned above is a perfect example of praising kink things to say. A simple phrase like „good job” is more than enough to make your sexual partner (if you even allow him/her to touch you, of course) get as horny as hell.

I know you love the unique flavour that praise kink things to say would add to your relationship

At this point, I am more than certain that you have already realised what is a praise kink to its fullest extent. Don’t let anyone deceive you about how vanilla it is - once you start the engine, it will go only faster and faster. And then, within a blink of an eye, you find yourself immersed deep in the mentioned „kinkdom” - that said, the realm of BDSM where the praising kink is more ubiquitous than you can imagine. Hence, if I were you - I wouldn’t risk a close encounter with it. Even if a babe that you’re into from hairy VR porn asked you politely to give her some compliment - stick to your guns and keep banging her without saying a word. The praise kink examples I have already mentioned should serve as a warning for you

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