What is edging?

What is edging? - VR Porn Videos

The deeper you get into what is edging in sex subject, the spicier it gets

Boys, let’s be honest here. Do you really wish to read this article? After all, I am pretty sure that you are well familiar with the concept of edging games. Particularly, if you jerk off your little soldier to 60 FPS VR clips from time to time. There, you have no other option but to edge a lot. Why? Because you don’t want to cum so fast. Thus, asking whats edgings seems to me pretty ludicrous. For all I know, all of you out there do it. With no exception to the rule. Our curvy VR porn stars don’t leave you any other choice. If you wish to withstand their sensual lips on your shaft for a little bit longer, you can’t come right away - such behaviour would convert everything into cum in mouth VR porn at the very beginning of a video. And what about the rest, huh? I mean - the next 50 minutes. What? Small talk regarding what is edging? Por favor! Let’s be serious, gentlemen.

I was cut out for explaining to my horny fellas one day what is edging sexually

So, it’s high time we cut to the chase, my dear lecherous lads. No more beating about the bush, no more… well, I don’t know. You caught me red-handed beating about the bush once again… No wonder, though - one cannot help himself but become garrulous while having in his mind fisting VR scenes. And, Needless to say, I am thinking about them nonstop. To be entirely honest with you, it is inevitable in this work. Your mind is constantly filled with doggy style VR clips, questions such as whats edging and so on and so forth. I feel in my bones that it will last till my last day on this planet. Porn, especially fetish VR one, leaves a mark on you. A stigma, I would say. The thing is that once you try it, there will be no going back to your vanilla reality. It’s like with war - one returns entirely altered from it. Your body might remain intact (although with our hotties you are going to get a hell of a workout) but your spirit… Well. You can’t imagine what happens there unless you experience it firsthand.

So - what is edging in sex?

The Merriam English Dictionary says that… Boys, boys! Por favor! Swallowbay is not a dictionary, okay? We are here to do better things that get bored stiff with such stuff. Instead, I would rather recommend to you use your energy… elsewhere - like in our body cumshot VR porn videos, for instance. Yesssss, man. That is a perfect idea. nothing on this planet will relax you half as much as these lewd hotties landing their hands on your throbbing piece of equipment. Trust me - I have been through this process multiple times already. In fact, it is pretty similar to meditation and other spiritual practises - one cannot describe it with words. Nope. The same principle applies when you attempt to answer what is edging sexually. Only your cock down there and your muscular arm can give you a reasonable response to this question. Or…Yes, that is right, cowboy - the mouth of a chick from Ebony VR porn. And when you combine 2 of those powerful forces… Then you get the much-anticipated answer. Will you be content with it? I assure you that the answer is “ohhhhhhjhh”. After all, that’s the only thing you will be able to express once these kittens are done with you.

As soon as you learn what is edging sexually, you will feel jaunty once again. you’ve got my word on that

Depression. Shall we talk about it for a second? I guess we should given we all are submerged in the era where it is prevalent. Fake smiles, showing off material possessions on social media. At this point, we have even started to believe (subconsciously) that “more” means “better”. Make no mistake, though - the former is as far from the latter as you can only imagine. The “better” lies in Swallowbay’s masturbation VR porn videos and nowhere else, I am sure of that. Even asking what is edging in sex won’t help you. Thus, my dear friends with severe depression! I know it might sound ludicrous right now but cheer up! As long as you have access to our Erotic VR scenes, everything will be fine. Okay, okay - just kidding. We all know it is not that simple. Nonetheless, As far as I am concerned - a company of Swallowbay’s babes wouldn’t hurt you, huh? Even more - I am pretty sure that would be more than glad to lend you a helping hand (or, rather - mouth) to drag you away from the spiritual abyss in which you have found yourself.

What is edging???

You have been asking me these for millennia and no wonder - we are all doing it on a daily basis without even having the slightest inkling of what is going on. I will tell you what is going on, okay? You are close to cumming but something in your mind whispers, pretty audibly in fact - not yet, not yet. A second longer, a second longer… And as this “second” prolongs, you are edging. So, whats edging? It is a delightful, almost celestial form of procrastination. I used to say that procrastination is a form of suffering. Well… I have officially changed my mind. Given the European VR circumstances that we have found ourselves in… Such a form of passing your time is as far from causing pain to your mind as possible. You seek more and more of it - and no wonder. Were I in your shoes, I would do the same - without a second thought. However, when the moment finally comes and you can’t do it any longer… That’s okay. Go and release the fat load. We are on the cum swallow VR porn site, after all.

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