Everything about the amazon sex position

Everything about the amazon sex position - VR Porn Videos

What is the amazon sex position?

Fucking is one of the most fun things people can do! There are sooo many different ways in which you can feel and give pleasure, and exploring them can be a source of deep sexual fulfillment; just look at Avery Black VR, she’s having the time of her life. One thing that you absolutely have to see is the amazon position sex - there are three types of it: standard, kneeling, and reverse. All allow the lady to be the more active side placed on the top, while the guy is lying down, providing support. Basically, let her do the work and enjoy the hottest view ever while she rides your cock! Many great big tits VR porn videos were made using the standard amazon since it has such a great potential for showing those huge boobies bounce. Moreover, since the dude’s hands are free he can even grab them, increasing the sensation for both persons involved. Why not see some clips for the sake of expanding your Kamasutra-inspired sexy knowledge?

Amazon sex position: wild fantasy becoming a reality

Let’s be vulnerable for a second there: deep down many people do think that the idea of amazons is sexy as hell. Strong, warrior woman putting her guard down and deciding to give in to her lust which is for this one chosen man to sate… Thrilling and dangerous concept, one you can easily get closer to by looking up at Swallowbay athletic body VR. Maybe those girls aren’t true savage fighters, but boy, do they have those muscles and willingness to fuck! Are such sex role-play daydreams corny? Well, maybe, but no one cares since porn is supposed to cater to each taste, just like Cali Caliente VR does! And what is the amazon sex position if not just the perfect first step to make the fantasy whole? Come on, a real amazon wouldn’t just lie there doing nothing, no, she’d take charge and readily ride the dick like she had ridden the steed for battle. It’s something well beyond good old (boring) missionary.

What is the amazon sex position for romance?

Sometimes all a guy wants is a simple, fast hookup with a sweetie looking like Harley King VR. But for those who desire more from life, there are multiple ways to have an intense session of love-making with impressing your partner included in the package! Amazon position sex is a perfect go-to since it gives you a perfect view of your lover’s face - fuck her till she moans, and observe in detail how crazy she goes for your dick. And she definitely will, because this position allows a greater degree of control of the penetration and easy access to the clitoris, making the use of additional sex toys fun and pleasurable. Everyone knows that the chicks love her sexy gadgets. And if a guy also wants to join in on the toy fun, there’s space for the use of cock ring. Not sure about intimate sex? You’re definitely missing out, check out passion VR for some inspiration, and let it awaken intense feelings within! Remember, romance is never out of fashion nor out of question.

Best combo, amazon sex position and anal

Seeing a juicy pussy getting fucked may be hot, but sometimes you want something else, something more spicy and exciting. Worry not, we got you covered! The reverse amazon sex position is perfect for a hot anal session and is gonna make anyone cum so fast they’ll have to go for it at least three times to feel like they actually did it. Chick’s body is backward to the guy, giving a full show of her tight ass around the cock. And as any fan of big ass VR knows, nothing is as exciting as seeing cute thick babe’s backend riding dick to oblivion. However, other amazon positions work with the anal as well, if one’s in the mood for seeing (or touching) the tits, especially if they are as round as those of Melody Marks VR. This also allows the addition of clitoral stimulation for the girl, who obviously is gonna have the time of her life with such double care - lucky her. Easy orgasm for both people!

Amazon position sex for amateurs

If everything above looks promising, there’s another matter to consider for everyone willing to try out something new and fun. Unfortunately, we people aren’t born with a natural skill in sex (though Sky Pierce VR was probably a natural). Yes, simply fucking like a caveman isn’t complicated, but there are situations in which more refinement and practiced touch are absolutely necessary. Amazon sex position is one of them, as improperly done may lead to unpleasant sensations for the man. That is why for beginners it is best to try out its kneeling version. It may look slightly less exciting, but puts less strain on both lovers, especially the person who does the penetration. Even if this one seems menacing don’t worry, just take your time. For encouragement try out watching other lusty common people on amateurs VR; you absolutely don’t need to be a pornstar to have and give amazing orgasms. Even if something requires practice, isn’t it worth it, since the practice in question is so fucking hot?

Amazon position sex and BDSM

Vanilla sex is the enjoyable, safe default, but admittedly it is not the answer for some more extreme, intense desires. If you are a slut for some good sub/dom dynamics and are looking for inspiration, consider this: what is amazon position sex if not an amazing opportunity for the girl to set the tempo… and more. Allow your mistress to take control, and go all the way; why not consider some nasty dirty talk, bondage, or a pet collar? Femdom VR is here to inspire the dirtiest of minds to only get worse and lose themselves in leather-covered obscenity. Explore the boundaries of your most intense fantasies and use the new position to give up control for someone else. It is guaranteed that such sexual experiments lead to not only fascinating self-discovery but also amazing orgasms and greater flexibility - both of mind and body. Can you imagine being as lithe as Vanessa Vega VR? Going out of your comfort zone is the necessary first step, all it takes is a bit of curiosity and bravery.

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