Does the length of... hair matter

Does the length of... hair matter - VR Porn Videos

Like many times in our articles, the topic may be surprising for all of you at first. And it’s nothing to worry about, as the subjects we choose here are usually not obvious ones. Sometimes you may even call them vague or controversial. But it should be this way, as certain aspects of so much loved by all of your art of fellatio you can see here, on Swallowbay.com, are simply complicated. Nonetheless, we are here not only to create the best virtual reality blowjob porn videos but also to make the world of women a bit more accessible. That’s what we are always aiming at here. Today’s subject is not an exception to that rule. In this article, we are going to talk about the correlations between the length of her and the quality of the blowjob you get. We’ve already discussed something more obvious, like the colour of hair vs the girl’s skills. But now we are going to delve into the topic which is at a completely new level of complexity. You should know beforehand certain facts about the hot babes you will be fucking here, as it may allow you to experience something utterly different. With the knowledge which you will get here, our ultra-high-definition virtual reality blowjob porn scenes can become even better. It’s hard to believe, we know. But please, trust us. So let’s start today’s topic, shall we?


Girls who decide to cut their hair off are usually completely erratic. It’s very difficult to categorise and generalise their behaviours. However, certain features characterise this group. It’s an unknown fact, but babes with short hair are the best ones who can do sloppy blowjobs which you can watch in your hot VR sex clips. They all are conscious of the fact that guys normally prefer their colleagues with long, soft hair and that’s why they needed to make something that would distinguish them. Thus, they started using the time that those kittens saved on washing and moisturizing their hair and decided instead to practise their blowie abilities. So don’t be surprised if you choose such a chick for your deepthroat VR blowjob porn scene and you experience something unforgettable with her.


You can think that hotties with medium hair are mediocre when it comes to pleasing men. There is nothing further from the truth. Those can strike the balance in whatever situation they find themselves in. That’s an essential skill, and it’s directly reflected in the quality of blowjobs they do. VR porn videos with this type of kitten are the most popular. Guys like it when the girl who is pleasing them always knows what to do. Even if you let them taste your delicious cum a bit too quickly, they will find solution. It’s close to impossible to not enjoy the time spent with those hotties. On Swallowbay.com, you will find plenty of them. Wherever you decide to watch the full-length VR porn scene with them, you won’t be left unsatisfied.


The kittens who decided to spend so much time taking care of their stunning hair are just gorgeous. You can see a real dedication in whatever they do. Having adult fun with you is no different. They love playing with throbbing cocks and the taste of cum is, for them, one of the best things on our planet. Unfortunately for us, there aren’t too many girls of this type. As we’ve already said, possessing such long and beautiful hair is not a piece of cake and not everyone is ready for it. But once you find one, you can expect only the best 6k big tit virtual reality blowjob porn video.

There are many types of girls in this world, and each class is unique. As always, the decision belongs to you which group of them you will honour with your enormous dick. Those chicks may vary from each other, but they all share one common characteristic. They are always in need of sex. So why don’t you just satisfy this desire of theirs? Is there any better way to spend your free time than watching VR blowjob porn videos? We strongly doubt so. Thus, just put on your VR headset and have fun!

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