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Tranquilo, fellows, we’ve got you covered. Here, we don’t spare means providing our horny clients with all measures necessary to cum like a Pompei Volcano itself. Just kidding, just kidding. Our babes will make your eruption even bigger. After all, can Pompei be compared to the colossal cum cannonball that is gonna be shot from your rifle? I don’t think so. In the end, the latter causes a tremendous upheaval not only in the surroundings (you can say goodbye to the roof) but also inside your spirit. Never will be the same afterward, believe me. It is like opening your eyes for the first time. Yeah, claro, I can hear you saying from here, “But I have them wide open all day long!” The truth is, fellas, that you don’t. And together with girls from European VR sex clips, I am gonna prove it today. Ready for a ride through the realm of thought and real enlightenment? Vamos.

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Wanna be a happy human being? Well, here is the bad news, fellows - the willingness to become one is the very thing hindering you from achieving the goal. In fact, it is the biggest paradox of the human mind - a constant pursuit of something that cannot be attained by trying to pursue it. Pursuing what? The end of suffering, for instance. We all have it, right? After all, that is the reason why most of you reach out for help with babes from the amateur VR clips. Yet, as long as your mind is trying to do it, you will be stuck in the trap, deeply ensnared by it. Hence, the question naturally arises - how is one supposed to break free if every attempt to do it is what hinders the outcome? Just think about it for a second - if you are trying to liberate yourself from the mind, who is trying to do it? Not the mind by any chance? Just another thought? With enough attentiveness, you will eventually notice it. It is a devious cycle. So what the hell are we supposed to do??

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So, what action is required under such circumstances? The lack of action. Just looking, being with the feeling, whatever it is, without naming it or judging in any way whatsoever. I know, I know, folks. Most of you expected some magic trick. “Take your magic wand and say the spell!” Or “meditate 10 hours a day, don’t indulge in 3D VR porn scenes, and live in the Himalayas.” Yet, folks, the truth is those strategies are foolish. In the end, who is coming up with them? Isn’t it, by any chance, just another attempt by thought to expand the conflict even further by escaping from it? Remember, fellas - nothing is a problem unless we make it one. The funniest thing is - we are escaping from the things we have created ourselves. Sure, there are many thoughts popping up out of nowhere. Who is judging them, though? Who is saying - that one is good and the other one is bad? Certainly not babes from Asian sex diary VR clips. They would never do it. Who, then? Who is making the mountain out of a molehill? Yes, my horny little goblins. The answer is…

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It might sound pretty obvious, but when one thinks about this, it is not - every thought is a thought, boys. The same goes for thinking about thoughts. It is still a thought, another one - this time, marking circles around itself. Yeah, yeah, sure. It is time for the question - and what the hell does it have to do with the Headlock Sex Pose? As we are about to find out in no time, more than it seems on a top of it. Actually, the connection is pretty simple - once the machinery of your mind is deeply understood and thus mastered, doing anything in life becomes a piece of cake. After all, you begin to play it like a game without engaging excessively in its ups and downs. Instead, you simply flow together with the waves. If the tide is down, it is okay. When it is up, it is fine as well. Why? Due to a simple fact - that you are alive. And, what is also essential, with unlimited access to deep throat VR porn. Those 2 things combined make human existence on Earth a truly diving experience. Let’s cease the conflict first and… relish everything around. Every single breath included.

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To make a long story short - they make it easier to open your eyes at last. In the end, after sleeping for countless years, it is pretty tough to immediately rouse oneself and embrace the lightness around. Most folks struggle with it enormously, swaying between deep unconsciousness and shallow unconsciousness on a daily basis. Obviously, an extreme stimulus is required to break the pattern. That is the moment when 18 VR sex clips come into play. The wonderful titties of our gorges and their vast knowledge of the Headlock Sex Pose will make it impossible for your primal side to keep sitting in ennui. Nah. Everything in your daily routine will be broken into pieces, showing how brittle it has always been. Today, we are turning the wave together. Unhappiness or any sort of suffering will be obliterated mercilessly. A glance at these wonders of nature will suffice for you to understand something deeply - that all the structures meticulously created by your mind are just an illusion compared to the reality around. It will finally emerge victorious without leaving room for any doubts or hesitation. Please, come. It is high time the journey started.

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