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The more time you spend inwardly, the more layers of human existence you uncover. Trust me, boys - you would be taken aback by the sheer magnitude of things (some call it karma) hidden there. Together, though, we are going to discuss all of them - especially focusing on the aspect of the hottest standing sex positions. How is that related? Some of the ancient philosophers claimed that the process of learning truly is just a recollection of knowledge we already have. As I have already mentioned, though - it is dissembled. Luckily, you’ve got me - your sloppy blow jobs VR porn expert. When we join our forces - you, the athletic body VR clips maniac and I, the ultimate adult entertainment industry guru - nothing in the universe will dare to oppose us. That said, let me ask you something, my horny little fellow - are you ready for the ride? You better are, my lad, as we are kicking off anyway - whether you are on board or not. Decide. Now.

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Life is a phenomenon that goes way beyond the realm of words. Trying to catch this flowing energy with the tools we are all equipped with - such as thoughts - is like a chasing wild goose. No way you will succeed in it. There are, however, certain techniques that might aid you somehow with wrapping your head around it. As always in life, it is not through the theory. Sure, it might be useful from time to time but were I you, I would rather reach out for the help of HD VR clips. To me, they are the only reliable method of understanding things inside out. Some claim that meditation is a powerful weapon for doing it but As far as I am concerned… instead of sitting still thinking about nothing at all, it is way better to debauch inside curvy VR porn videos. Don’t you think? I have read your emails, boys. For many of you the advent of Swallowbay was like a bolt from the blue. Nothing remained the same after you found us. Needless to say, there is a good reason for it. Let me explain, my horny friends.

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Or, more accurately - your spirit. Were I to delve into what exactly is human existence, I would never cease talking. It is easy to fall into the traps of one’s own mind while trying to delve into its nature, you know. Thus, instead of destroying your ego and the entire persona that you have been minutely building throughout your entire life, go with the flow and follow the voice of your heart - that said, indulging in natural tits VR porn videos. There is no better remedy for overthinking, especially nowadays, than spending some high (or, rather - superb) quality time inside tattoos VR porn. Whether you realise it or not, we are dying these days. Slowly, yes. Yet, unceasingly. Specifically, our inner child is withering. At an increasing rate. Day after day we stuff it with mundanity leaving it nothing but paperwork, thoughts about the mortgage and other shit of this sort. Tell me, please. How are you supposed to thrive as a human being if you poison yourself with capitalism or “adult life” as you want to call it?

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Under no circumstances should we allow ourselves to beat about the bush when the quality of your existence is at stake. The sooner you comprehend certain philosophical ideas, the sooner you will be able to access the creme de la creme of human experience - the 4k 60 fps VR porn scenes. Sure, you can watch them right now, without having any training beforehand. The thing is, though, that by doing it this way you will certainly miss out on a plethora of crucial details. And as the old saying goes - the devil is hidden inside them. So, what the hell are you supposed to do? First of all, I would realise that you are not your thoughts. It might sound pretty ludicrous at first, particularly if you spend most of your time on planet Earth immersed in your mind (instead of total immersion in AR VR clips). Oftentimes, it seems to be more of a battleground than a peaceful kingdom.

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Okay, it might sound like an exaggeration at the very first glance but let me explain. You cannot escape reality - everything except our babes makes you exhausted. I have mentioned the battleground above. If it wasn’t true how would you explain such a popularity of therapists nowadays? And by no means do I mean that they are trendy on instagram. Nope, on the contrary. Sitting inside their cosy rooms they have real multitudes at the doors seeking their help. People are so focused on what is going on in their tricky minds that they forget what life is truly all about - I mean by that fisting VR scenes. If for some unknown reason, you haven’t included them in your schedule already it is high time you did it, my fellow. Otherwise, you will soon forget yourself in the tornado of thoughts and get lost. Anew. If you feel deep in your bones that the scenario I have just mentioned is plausible, you should not hesitate any further. Go and relish skinny VR porn videos instead, okay? As far as my expertise goes, they will give you direct access to the essence of life. Pleasure.

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