How to make the butt fun: best anal positions.

How to make the butt fun: best anal positions. - VR Porn Videos

Getting ready to try some anal sex positions.

Having classical vaginal sex is pretty straightforward: a couple gets in the mood, fucks, and that’s basically it. Bumfucking is a bit more complicated for obvious reasons… and in real life, it takes some preparation not shown in anal VR vids - they show only the crux of the action. So if you wanna try expanding your sex life there are some tips to keep in mind. Because even the best anal positions don’t mean anything if none of you know what the hell to do! So, first of all, keep the hygiene down there perfect. Take a shower before fucking or at least use the wipes, it’s all really the bare minimum. Also, prepare a lot of good quality lube. Unfortunately, short-sighted mother nature didn’t predict that humans would love to stick things into all of their holes, so there is little to no natural lubrication in the ass. If there’s time, use a douche or do an enema to decrease the chances of any shitty accidents. Just in case, put the towel on the surface you’re gonna be using. But most importantly, turn on some curvy VR porn to relax and remember about having fun. All of this is for pleasure, after all!

When a girl is a lazy princess go for laying down anal sex positions.

Why bother to get up, when you can simply not do that? For many women, there’s great comfort in simply lounging as they are getting fucked. Just look at Kenna James VR, no one will catch her straining herself, even for dick. So, for ladies who want to be comfortable during assfucking, one of the best positions for anal is gonna be spoon sex. It’s a very easy, laid-back way for anal: both lovers lie on their sides, close to each other, and the dude enters the girl from behind. There’s a lot of touching since the position is basically a hug; it might be a good idea to get some stockings VR videos inspired clothing to increase the sensations. Another advantage of this pose is that there’s no eye contact which is certainly good news for awkward folks. But if spooning is a bit too boring, try out the position called pearly gates. It has the chick lying down flat on a man, with his cock inside her. Also relaxing, but a bit more elaborate, and gives a bit of a challenge for a guy.

Stand up and try out some of the best anal positions outside your comfort zone.

One of the worst killers of passion is routine. Even with the hottest partner having sex can become nothing but a tedious task if y’all just do missionary on the bed every Sunday evening. Now, imagine one of the girlies from Latina VR porn pushed against the wall and brutally fucked in the ass. Exciting vision, isn’t it? You can try it yourself with one of the best positions for anal sex called bathroom attendant (and come on, with this name it’s a must to try it in the restroom). In this one the girl slightly leans on the furniture, and the guy pounds her from behind. Simple, fun, and allows good control of the degree of penetration. And as rough sex VR shows it has great potential for naughty, fast sex. However, if this is too easy, go for yourself on a shelf position. It requires the guy to lift his partner so she can basically sit on his cock. What an occasion for a hot workout! Now sex can not only burn calories but also build muscle.

Sitting on a cock in the best anal positions.

One of the sexiest and most steamy sex positions can be assumed while sitting down. Most of them are great for some very deep penetration and allow intense pleasure for the guy. That is why Chloe Temple VR loves them so much! Take, for example, the lotus pose. In it lovers face each other; the guy sits down, and the girl sits on him, riding his cock. One of the reasons why it is standing out among other anal sex positions is the ability to make out while fucking. Quite romantic, isn’t it? Another cool position to try out is the golden arch: the man is half-sitting with his legs straight, and leaning on his hands. The girl is sitting on top of him with wide-spread legs. It takes a bit of teamwork to make it work, but as threesome VR porn videos show, with a bit of open communication everything can be arranged. The effects can be truly rewarding and feel much more special than just going for the simplest option.

Best positions for anal: the dangerous edition.

It is obvious that basically everyone can fuck, it’s not, like, hard. However, not all types of sex are for everyone. There are probably many fools who turned on BDSM VR only to quickly run away… If you find such people pathetic and have athletic body yourself, there are some risky ideas you might be willing to attempt. Most of those tend to be straining especially for the bottom. One is called full throttle and requires the girl to lie with her legs bent in such a way, that they are basically touching her arms. The guy is hovering above her, leaning on his hands. The position allows really deep, full penetration and some balance! One of the other best anal positions includes the piledriver. It has the chick to be bent in a loop, with legs over the head and ass in the air (horrible acrobatics); the guy fucks her from above, towering above her. Sheesh, such a thing probably can’t even be seen in Kiara Cole VR porn videos, and she is very flexible! If you are able to perform this feat consider starting a career in the porn industry, you clearly are a natural. Really, don’t waste yourself in your tedious 9-to-5 job, people need to see this.

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