The Mystery of Mermaid Sex Position

The Mystery of Mermaid Sex Position - VR Porn Videos

My dear foot lovers - allow me to introduce you to the mermaid sex position!

Every night that you spend trying out this one will be mesmerising - you’ve got my word on that. Especially, if you are a foot sort of person. Just envision it for a second - combining steamy anal and sniffing your favourite scent at the same moment. Boys, I don’t know what about you but my ferocious beast down there got truly wild at such a thought. No wonder - one would have to be out of his mind not to appreciate the tantalizing charm of foot fetish VR clips. Let me repeat, as I can’t stress it enough - out of his mind. Okay, but let’s cut to the chase already - in the end, I don’t want you to suffocate yourself from holding your breath from the utmost excitement for so long. What is this Mermaid sex position all about? Well, first and foremost - it is pretty wild. Certainly, it is not destined for the connoisseurs of vanilla ultra high definition VR scenes. Nothing like that. Those of you who are into soft encounters might get some trauma from something so intense. Okay, just kidding - I am pulling your leg, bro. Now, let’s delve deep into the spicy details

Will Mermaid sex position help you fight your inner demons?

Well, this question is not an easy one. Certainly, though, we should discuss it - at least for a little while. I wouldn’t be taken aback if it was devised by some sort of priest in the first place. Why? Because, at least to me, it seems to have something spiritual about it - similarly to Kenna James VR videos. So, what are you supposed to do? How to engage in such an outlandish type of intercourse? First, find yourself a babe willing to be fucked. This step should seem pretty intuitive - at least for most of you (I don’t recommend doing it with your sex doll!). Luckily, Swallowbay is crammed to the gills with the - so it shouldn't be a problem. Now, when you have already some eager hottie at hand (or your virtual reality headset with VR 6k porn on it), lift her legs and enter her inviting anus with all your force. Ever heard of riding VR clips? Okay, okay. It doesn’t need to be so rough - what you opt for is entirely up to you. The crux of the matter is to lift her legs and enter smoothly her tight hole with your throbbing piece of meat. And the rest… to make a long story short - just let our beloved Mother Nature take care of the details.

If you chose Mermaid sex position on the spur of the moment, you won’t regret it

As I have already said, this one is perfect for those of you, my kinky fellows, who are into foot worship sort of fantasies. Can you visualise anything better than immersing yourself in the act of intense jack hammering while also having this delectable smell right next to your nose? Oh, boy. It is tough not to get wet at the thought of it. For this very reason, I am more than sure that the footjob VR porn aficionados are already well familiar with today’s topic. I didn’t catch you off guard, did I? Of course not, that was a rhetorical question. The Mermaid sex position has gained its remarkable reputation among foot lovers not without a reason. So, my foot brigade, I am summoning you for the ultimate cum on face VR porn encounter! The temperature in the room is going to soar in no time, mark my words. Let’s go.

What about your inner demons? Will Mermaid sex position help you with them or not???

Okay, okay. Let’s go back to the topic. Yes, of course it will. Just ponder it for a second in your horny mind - what is the real freedom? Some Hindu gurus define it as an ability to use your thoughts whenever you wish - thus leaving them alone when they don’t serve you. Now, tell me, my lad - does sniffing smelly feet eradicate all of your thoughts or not? Of course, it does. At such moments you are left with your innermost desires one on one, throwing all the world out of the window. No more thinking about the mortgage payment, no more interminable wondering what the future will look like. Nope. Feet VR encounters bring you to the here and now, allowing your spirit to commune with the utmost magnificence of this world fully, without any distractions. As far as I am concerned, including the Mermaid sex position in your daily routine can enhance every single aspect of your life - even going to the toilet (or particularly going to the toilet - depending on what is your favourite place for piercing VR banging sessions). Hence, why wouldn’t you give it a chance, huh?

The Mermaid sex position is a perfect opportunity to talk about feet

Why do we love them so much, guys? Can anyone out there explain it to me? Okay, the truth is that is phenomenon is self-explanatory. The question should rather be - how can it be that some people don’t love them? Just take a look at their shape. And now, imagine yourself licking every single one of these sexy toes while having your piece of meat deep inside your babe’s anus. Don’t cum, not yet! Hold on a second, my lewd cowboy! We are not finished yet! If one wishes to discuss the topic of group sex VR clips thoroughly, one has to dedicate a prodigious amount of time and effort to it. Is it worth it, though? Obviously, it is. The sweat you put into it counts for little when you compare it with the output that you get at the end of a day. Now, it is high time you tried the Mermaid sex position firsthand inside our glasses VR porn scenarios and shared your fat load with this world. You will cum before you can say Jack Robinson, trust me. And now - vamos!!!

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