Mile High Club: A Guide to Airplane Sex Positions

Mile High Club: A Guide to Airplane Sex Positions - VR Porn Videos

If you want to join the legendary Mile High Club, does watching Ultra High Definition VR porn videos count?

Many of us wanted to have a quickie while traveling on a plane. Many questions probably came into our minds one of which may be if the pressure somehow influences the experience. Will I cum more intensely? Will it have a different texture? How will it taste? And most importantly: does masturbating count? I do have an answer to one of those questions, or maybe two. Indeed, masturbating counts, you will join the gang if you bust in a toilet 10000 feet above the ground. From experience, I can tell you that the cum tastes very similar. It has a weird lemon-like aftertaste which I count as pleasant. But coming back to the topic, how can you not join the high mile club when having all the modern technology available at your disposal? With the announcement of the new VR headsets, you can now enjoy Readhead VR porn videos with no one noticing! So take your ass off the seat, march to the bathroom, and get ready to jerk!

Sloppy blowjobs VR Porn videos are a revolution in the Airplane sex scene.

For many decades, Airplane sex was not possible due to the lack of privacy, or maybe the difficulties in finding a partner. But we are talking about the past. Now there are a lot more ways to enjoy yourself and have a good time during a long and boring flight. All of them include a VR headset in some way. Considering all the advantages it may give you, I think it is reasonable to invest in good quality glasses to get your horniness to the maximum. If you already have acquired the basic needs for all of the average cumers, now you can intensely watch the greatest videos of all time starring our throat GOATs that appear in Latina VR porn videos. Do not forget to start watching them before you go to the restroom to avoid being sus. If you get bored with the Hispanic girls gobbling, you can always switch to Cum Swallow VR videos. Those are the heavy hitters for a lot of jerkers, believe me, you will end up coming back. So why are they so revolutionary? They are constructed in a way to hypnotize your brain to achieve 200% horny.

Are any of the VR 6k VR porn videos taboo among the Mile high club enthusiasts?

Well, I would say that there are some types of videos that you should not watch, because of their overall presence. First and foremost, you should avoid Full Episodes VR porn videos, just because they are too long. You will look very weird locking yourself in a bathroom for 30 minutes or more, you will annoy a lot of the other passengers that just want to relieve themselves or you might accidentally fall asleep in the cabin. They are a great way to spend time, just not in an airplane. I would compare those videos to small scaled movies that want to get you sucked into the plot, which will result in you getting sucked off. Another one I would avoid is Interactive VR porn videos. You will just look weird and stupid, trying to manage all of the possible scenarios when you just want to fuck your step-sister. So those two can be definitely considered as taboo, but are there any favorites? Of course not! Everyone has their own preferences, which they can satisfy really easily. We can have different moods, which will influence the type of movies that are being watched by us. So remember, avoid those two, and enjoy fapping in a plane!

Can you enjoy Masturbation VR videos with someone else in the stall, after which you get to try out some of the fanciest sex positions in existence?

Oh I see, you upgraded, you want to go to another level. As one some time ago said: “It is a small step for a human, but a giant leap for humanity.” You will now be called an expert. And if you have not figured it out yet, the answer is yes! Of course, you can watch movies with someone you want to have intercourse afterwards. It is so romantic. My favourites to watch with someone else are Handjob VR videos, which consist of a close-up shot of a massive black cock, that is being jerked by a tiny woman. Even the thought of such a sight raises my penile device up to the sky. If you are in that situation right now, firstly I want to congratulate you, and secondly, I have to explain which position is the most enjoyable in the sky. So first of all, as there is little to no space, you should try the Launch pad position, which I wrote about in one of my recent monologues. It is a great solution for a quickie, and the nut afterwards is massive. I do not know how it works but it does. The other one is just asking for a quick gobble-gobble 3000, which in simpler terms is just a sloppy blowjob. You can learn more about them while watching Cum on Face VR porn videos. I hope I explained everything clearly and you all now know how to act in that situation.

How to avoid getting caught watching Blonde VR porn videos in a plane?

There are 4 simple steps to avoid getting caught. First of all, you have to not be loud. This means that you just have to be quiet. This is crucial, as you will be encountering a lot of people throughout your time in a plane, and you do not want to get any attention from them. Secondly, keep the volume all the way down. I think it is self-explanatory. Also do not forget to cover yourself with a blanket, or wear a baggy hoodie. And in the emergency of getting caught, maybe just switch to MILF VR porn videos? They are a lot more socially acceptable and no one should have a problem with you watching this type of content during a flight.

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