Taboos of Sex on the Staircase

Taboos of Sex on the Staircase - VR Porn Videos

Body Cumshot VR porn helps to explore the taboos of sex on the staircase.

Why? Well, because this type of content takes place in many weird places. Staircase is one of them. As this spot provides people with a lot of possibilities to fuck, it is often used as a gateway to heaven’s doors. Yet, we all sometimes wonder what the taboos of that kind of sex are, and there are plenty. I will try to cover them mostly in this article – but trust me, you shouldn’t ever talk about them with anyone who knows anything about staircase sex. That is a rule in all of our 360 VR porn – it is just unacceptable to talk about it. The first taboo is that you should never say when or how you come. With the variety of sexual intercourse that this place guarantees, everyone wants to keep their favorite positions a secret. If they were revealed, every single staircase video would be very repetitive. And that is not what everyone is aiming for – this genre is currently one of the most popular ones, while its fanbase is growing every single second. Thus, people are not eager to talk through the fun they experience, especially if it is using any type of stairs.

Every staircase porn video has its interactive VR secrets… Are you ready to explore them all?

Right now, we are going to talk about the most important taboo that staircase sex hides. Although it is a shocking thing to mention it ever in conversations, it is considered permanently prohibited. That thing is anal sex – it is just humanly impossible to have a good anal session while being in there. Even Big Ass VR porn directors avoid stairs. Why? Because of the curves that the human body cannot achieve. Not only would that kind of sex be painful, but it also would hurt both participants. No one wants to feel any kind of discomfort while engaging in the most intimate activity that a human can do… Thus, it is very reasonable to not talk about this topic ever. There were of course some tries and even research done on this topic, but no one has found any connection between stairs and an anal orgasm. Thus, it is very unwise to indulge in that kind of fun while being on the staircase… It can end tragically for both partners. Do not try that at your home, the risk is all on you.

What is shocking about Masturbation VR porn, is that it is often connected with sex on the staircase.

People love to wank in many different places. Just go on any porn site and type Handjob VR videos. You will be greeted with thousands of possible results – they are a fan favorite. Many love the feeling of being watched, while some just need to flex with their dicks. Although any reason for uploading your porn online is reasonable, this one is even more understandable than usual ones. Yet, you probably will not find many videos recorded on the staircases. The instant question appears in my head after that sentence – why is that? Probably most of the guys that record themselves beating their meat do not like to stand while doing the deed. But that is also something that you should never, ever mention while talking about Masturbation sex movies. Remember, that the staircase fear is a real phobia, and it should never be ignored. Even if the topic is as pleasurable as spreading your cum on the wall alone. Many like to do so.

The next taboo was derived from Japanese VR porn, and it is quite shocking.

This one happened in the early years of Asian VR porn. There was a heterosexual scene of two beautiful people having sex together on the staircase. Both were really into it, and the intercourse was incredibly passionate. After going roughly on his girl, the guy accidentally slipped on his sweat. Then he fell down several stairs and ended up with a broken nose. That created a major outbreak of protests, that were about safety in the porn industry and all the other procedures that were supposed to make actors safe on the stage. Within several weeks, the new law was enforced and now Japan has one of the most modern laws of safety in the world. Yet, the embarrassment that both actors felt was so big, that they resigned from acting in porn. Unfortunately, that was a big loss for the industry, as it is rare to find a Japanese girl with humongous titties and a guy with a dick as long as a tree branch. Nevertheless, that moment became crucial for the development of the whole Asian scene. It also became a big taboo in most of the studios, which from that unfortunate date increased their safety standards.

Taboos in staircase porn are as big as in Big Tits VR clips.

It may sound strange, but both of those fractions of porn love to fight with each other. The second one is a constant war for the biggest boobies available online, while the first one wants the best place to record, which will be stuck in viewer’s minds for a long time. That very competitive mindset makes it a really hard market to blow up in. Unfortunately, all of those industries are quite saturated, so if you are thinking about recording your own staircase VR porn, then it might not be an easy task to get over. Luckily, you can always try your skills in AR VR porn. This one, on the other hand, has not many actors and many people do not even know that it exists. Thus, there is a lot of freedom and space for new actors to grow famous and recognizable. Will you try to take that chance, and make yourself famous in porn, or do you rather keep on watching your favorite babes online? The choice is yours.

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