The things they don't teach in school - best sex positions for women

The things they don't teach in school - best sex positions for women - VR Porn Videos

Best sex positions that would please anyone.

It is quite obvious that sex has always been (and still is) mostly centered around men. It is hard, especially for women who have not had a partner who would take their needs into consideration. Of course, it is not the guys’ fault only, no one is blaming them. After all, they get the same exposure to mainstream media as girls do. After watching hours of brunette VR porn there is no way you will think that you need to do more in the bedroom in real life. But. if you actually start trying you can discover that when both partners are pleased sex can be an even better experience. Try some of the best sex positions for women and surely you will hear less of the usual excuses for lack of sex. All it takes is a quick read as well as readiness to change your routine. In no time you will have her screaming your name once again.

How to start your adventure with the best sex positions for women?

The first and probably most important step when it comes to changing your sex life for the better is to remind yourself of some female anatomy. You are probably thinking: “I already did that at school, don’t need to know more” or that the amount of porn that you watch has taught you everything there is to know. Well, sure maybe you know where the uterus is as well as which hole your dick belongs to, but the most important part for the best sex positions for her is the G-spot. Yes, the legendary spot that you keep hearing about but haven’t found yourself (unless you did, then you’re halfway there). Probably the only thing that the cowgirl VR is not able to teach you in half an hour. But, it could not be easier to find, you just need some practice that the girl in your life can help you with.

Things to focus on with the best sex positions for her.

Well, you already know how important the G-spot is, but where to actually find it? Well, even if you can’t see it you can surely feel it, if not with your cock then definitely with your hand. And, you can be sure you are at the right place when the moans suddenly get louder. You don’t have to do a lot of gymnastics to get to it, most of the time some adjustment with your favorite best sex positions will do the trick. The same goes for the clitoris - another big one for the girl’s orgasm. Just give it a chance and slow down instead of rushing through like in the handjob VR videos. But how do I know that she is not faking it like the chicks often do once again? Well, one of the sure tells is the wetness. If your girl was dripping before, now you can expect a whole waterfall down there. And we all know that the wetter the girl the better the sex.

Best sex positions for women always start with great foreplay.

Sure the beginning may not be too exciting to a guy. After all, everyone is waiting for the main course where you can finally use your dick like it was intended. However, there is no need to focus on only your partner in the beginning. Sure it is nice to feel you are turning somebody on, but it becomes even better when it is reciprocated. If you think about what is the blowjob VR porn if not foreplay building excitement for the main course. And, even if you don’t care about your partner's orgasms more than yours, don’t skip on making her wetter. No need for lube if the best sex positions make her like this. You will come to greatly appreciate it after a few tries. Just don’t forget the clit, fingering will make her moan but some action with the clit will make her beg for your hard cock.

Keep an open mind for the best sex positions for her.

So you already know the basics, the most important stuff that will make your girl louder than she ever was. And what can be better than a hottie screaming your name even before you are balls-deep in her? What is more, you will surely be pleased to hear that one of the best positions for women is the cowgirl, or in fact any variation of that. Not only do you get to make her moan but also see her beautiful tits. Just let the girl take the lead and enjoy the free show you are getting. But if you are one of the guys that just can’t sit still and enjoy their erotic VR, opt for doggy. It is a classic for a good reason. It will make both you and her cum in no time. And the next time you are doing it, let her ass go for a second and focus on the clit, at this point it is the loudest any chick can get.

What can make the best sex positions even better?

The next important question should be now: what can you really do as a girl during sex to make it even better? Obviously, the dick will always be the main event no matter who you are sleeping with. The most important thing though is not to be afraid to put yourself first for some time. For many women masturbating during sex may feel embarrassing but what do you think guys watch on striptease VR? They love to see you please yourself and moan, let your man enjoy some porn in real life. Become the chick he will be thinking about every morning with the easiest things. And then when you can’t keep your hands to yourselves just quickly switch into one of the best sex positions for women. There is no scenario in which it would not be the best night of your life.

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