We all need to masturbate, no matter what

We all need to masturbate, no matter what - VR Porn Videos

Without a morning jerking off your day will be boring. You have to masturbate vr

It’s the most natural thing on the planet Earth, to be honest. It will always have the upper hand over us. You can try to deny the fact you need it however much you wish. Yet, the facts are facts. If you keep thinking „do men neeed to masturbate” we’ve got the answer for you. Even though everyone is different and not every single person has such easy access to handjob VR porn, we all need to jerk off, at least from time to time. The frequency varies from person to person, it goes without saying. Yet we can easily assert it as a fact. Without it, you would eventually go wild. Or crazy. No matter what scenario would happen, one thing is more than certain. Your life would be miserable without it.

Don’t trust people who question whether do men need to masturbate or not give you a negative answer

In that case, you can’t take „no” for an answer. Especially, if you are into someone. Under such circumstances, it’s impossible to restrain yourself from a dose of pleasure. Otherwise, the compulsive thoughts wouldn’t allow you to sleep or do anything, for that matter. If you visit Swallowbay and see one of these hotties in front of you, begging you to cum on her face (it happens particularly often in cum on face VR porn videos) you have no other choice but to masturbate. Without it... You would take off your virtual reality headset but still remain in the realm of delightful hotties, looking at them with the eyes of your imagination. So, if you ever thought „do men need to masturbate” here comes an answer - of course! Especially the ones who were lucky enough to find Swallowbay.

Do men need to masturbate when they are in a relationship?

Even if you have your own hottie to bang, sometimes she’s not enough. Your libido is certainly super high and an average chick you met at work or at a wedding can’t satisfy it alone. No, your appetite doesn’t belong to those that are easily satiated. Under such circumstances you have two choices - masturbate each day or live a repellent life. The choice should be obvious. Particularly, as nowadays you have access to glasses VR porn. It allows you to get the most out of your jerking off session. You can spend half an hour masturbating yourself enjoying yourself better than with your girlfriend or wife (or both of them combined). The thing is that few women have abilities that girls from big natural tits VR clips possess. They can’t satisfy completely a real male like you. You need something more. Needless to say, Swallowbay gives you that.

Some naive hotties ask sometimes: do men need to masturbate? What do they even think?

Some people are oblivious to human biology. They don’t know that the balls produce the semen all the time, providing you constantly with new supplies. If someone refuses to masturbate - he condemns himself to a very tough time. Forget about concentration, forget about progress - no matter what you do, you will always go back to square one. Girls from big tits VR porn are great at solving such problems. They don’t even need words for that. After all, it’s not a psychotherapy. It’s porn, a spank VR one. Sometimes the tacit answer is everything you need to solve the riddle that has been troubling you for long months. It doesn’t take a genius to answer the „do men need to masturbate” question if you find yourself tete-a-tete with one of Swallowbay’s hotties. If you are into thinking and philosophy, just stop and listen to your cock. He will dispel all of your doubts.

Guys! We have to masturbate! Some of us - all the time

It might have happened to you that you were born super horny. Well, that’s inevitable in genetics, such things must happen from time to time. You never feel satiation, every moment your inner voice is telling you „give me more, give me more”. By no means will you ask yourself then „do men need to masturbate or not”. It will be unnecessary. Your cock would immediately cry out loud „yes, of course you fool!”. It would be foolish. So, instead of philosophising whether it’s morally acceptable or not, simply reach out for big cock VR porn videos and chill out. Sometimes your mind can overwhelm you - at a certain point we all felt that way. It is inexorable for intelligent creatures. Yet, as Buddhism teaches - you should concentrate on the passing moment, on your feelings right now. Being outside of your head and inside your body, not the converse.

Don’t be silly asking „do men need to masturbate”. We think we have already discussed it

Nonetheless, if any of you still have any doubt, let’s dispel it right here and right now. There is little sense in dwelling upon that subject for an eternity. No matter what your mum or priest is telling you, you have to masturbate. Without it

a) your organism would be incredibly strained

b) Your life would lack colours and flavours

You don’t believe the latter? So stop jerking off in our small tits VR porn videos for a week and notice what’s happening to you. Does your tongue enjoy new savours? Do your eyes behold the nature around you? Can you describe your state as a mindful well-being? We already know the answer. So stop asking whether do men need to masturbate and, quoting Nike: Just do it! Once the sense of relief hits you you won’t be able to help but wonder how could you endure so much time without European VR scenes. To tell you the truth, we don’t know. So better hurry up and don’t make your body suffer any longer.

Image source: RAVEN LANE VR

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