Where do kinks come from? We will tell you

Where do kinks come from? We will tell you - VR Porn Videos

Are kinks genetic? Let me talk about it

Imagine this - you are normally born, your parents don’t abuse you or anything, you go to school, have friends, etc. And then, all of a sudden, you realize something. You are looking for a little too long at their feet. You thought it was normal. After all, isn’t it? Feet are hot after all. Yet, the more you observe your surroundings, the more you realize that it’s not really the case. Not all of your colleagues share your passion for feet VR clips. Even more - most of them consider it gross. At such a moment you have to admit one thing. You are kinky, my dear boy. But why is that? Are fetishes hereditary? Where do they come from? Why you, the most basic boy that one can find in the neighbourhood, are jerking off while thinking about taboo VR porn? Here, I will do my best to untangle the mistery of kinks in bed. Get ready for a ride chaps!

Where do kinks come from? It’s not at all easy to answer!

So, since you found yourself here, I am almost certain that you are an exemplary kinky boy. There is no reason to be ashamed of yourself, though. As far as I am concerned, kinks are the most natural thing on this planet. Yes, relatively speaking, few people have them (unless you use tinder or a different dating app - there you will find plenty of such people, trust me). But are kinks hereditary? Well, I wouldn’t say so. I will admit to one thing, my dear reader. I am pretty kinky as well. To be completely honest with you, I can’t stop thinking about Japanese VR porn videos. These petite kittens turn me on more than anything else. You know, the kawaii culture and stuff... Anime is hot, no need to hide it. If someone tells you it is not - he’s deceiving you. However, however - wasn’t I supposed to answer whether are fetishes hereditary or not? Yes, I was. So, as far as my expertise goes - not really. At least I have never seen my father nor mother jerking off to bukkake VR clips - but maybe they are dissembling something? Maybe they don’t wish me to know everything? Who knows!

With kinks in bed your entire life becomes more eclectic all of a sudden

Feet people, I am quite envious of you. Yes, you’ve heard right. Envious. Although almost the entire internet laughs out of you, saying that you are gross, I don’t think the same thing. Guys, whether are fetisher genetic or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters, though, is that whenever you come to Latina VR porn videos you always get satisfied. After all, every single babe on this planet has feet, right? For most of you folks it doesn’t matter whether they are small or big, beautiful or ugly - everything about them turns you on. At such moments you don’t think about where do kinks come from - you are too busy jacking off your little soldier, thinking about the gorge from big booty VR clip you just saw. Not that bad, right? Don’t think about the quality of the blowjob or whether the boobied of our VR model are huge or not - you don’t have the slightest interest in it. As long as she has feet, she’s fine and you will have fun together.

Are all fetishists cut from the same bolt of cloth? Are fetishes genetic? I will give you the answer you have been waiting for

No! Of course not! Guys, it won’t be a secret if I tell you that we are all different, right? Sure, we are all one, big kinky family - and we should stick together. Especially, since vanilla people tend to put the devil's eye on us for unknown causes. Is that envy? Or they simply don’t know where do kinks come from? At a guess, both answers are correct. In the West, normally, we struggle enormously with accepting two contrasting ideas in our minds. Like, for example, being enamoured of blonde and brunette VR porn videos at the same time. We are taught dualism from a very young age. You can like only one or the other, decide. The same applies to the kinks in bed - you can either like clean or dirty soles, but being fond of two at once is unacceptable for many. Nonetheless, ponder it for a minute. Actually, why not? Why can’t you dream about POV threesome VR clips and rough sex at the same time? When you learn how to reconcile the opposite ideas in your mind life becomes much more interesting, I am telling you

Are fetishes hereditary? I think I have already answered that!

In fact, it is quite simple to check that. Just go and ask your parents what are their preferences. Sure, they might try to dissemble it. So just go for a walk with them and observe attentively what they are looking at. Take feet people for instance. They might attempt to hide their preferences but if you are discerning enough, you will see that their eyes are looking... at the floor. By no means are they interested in the sky or trees around them. No, for them, there is something much more riveting on the floor. No, at such moments they are not thinking about passion VR clips - you can trust me. No, their mind is wandering somewhere else. So, if you are so interested in the question „are kinks hereditary” that’s the way to check it. Unless you are too lazy to walk around with your parents. Then, there is one solution left for you - checking the kinks in bed. Yes, perhaps the spectacle they are going to give you will be incomparably worse than what you can see in cum in mouth VR porn, but that’s the only way to answer it. Good luck!

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