What do the numbers in the video files mean?

What do the numbers in the video files mean? - VR Porn Videos

When you first sign up for SwallowBay, you might be a little confused at what you’re seeing on the video pages. All of the blowjob VR sex clips that you can see are going to have some information on them. It’s all listed at the right side of the page underneath the tags. These are the download links that you can use to get your favorite mouth girls onto your hard drive. It’s possible to download the video files onto any device that you have. Whether it’s your PC or your phone, the video file that you download is going to give you a different way to watch your blowjob virtual reality videos. It’s a lot easier to figure out what’s going on than you probably think it is. Once you find out what you want, you’ll be able to easily get the right kind of file for your set up. That also means that you’ll have the best quality for your hardware. Each headset is going to have its own preferences for the files that it plays. You can get all of them here and you won’t have to waste any time trying to get the wrong file to work on your device.

It’s all the number of pixels

When you’re looking at the different videos that your favorite fellatio virtual reality scenes have to offer you, you’re going to see a bunch of numbers with letters. All the numbers are telling you is the number of pixels that each video has in it. For example, a video that has “2880p 5760X2880” after it is telling you that the video has 2880 vertical pixels per inch. The higher the first number is, the better the quality of the video is going to be. Each pixel is a dot of light on the screen and the more of them you have, the more realistic the video is going to look to you. That’s why so many companies try to give you as many pixels per inch as they possibly can. The thing that you have to know is that each headset or system that you use to watch the videos is going to have its own capabilities with the number of pixels that it can play. If you just pick the blowjob VR video with the biggest number then you might not be able to actually watch it on the system that you happen to have.

Each file tells you how to watch it

The best thing about SwallowBay is that you don’t have to figure out the VR porn movie quality that you can play on your device. You can see what each file is made for right in the name. Each one lets you know which headset it can be played on and all you have to do is get the file that lists your device. You can use the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Gear VR, PS pro, PS5, PS4, or just watch them on your computer. It’s all written out for you so you never have to deal with any guesswork. There’s also a file for your smartphone as well. If you don’t want to use a headset with the girls, you can just watch them right on your phone. You can still move it around to explore the virtual world while the woman of your fantasies massages your throbbing cock with her warm mouth. There’s really no way that you can wrong with any of it. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your balls drained and the girls that do it are always happy to lend a pair of lips.

The girls always want to make it good

No matter which file you download or which hardware you use, you can always be sure that the girl sucking you off is going to be giving you the est oral sex of your entire life. It’s just the way that it is when you play around with the blowjob VR porn girls that you get on SwallowBay. These women are always in the mood to make you happy and they don’t care which headset they’re doing it on. All it take is for you to find the one that you want to have a good time with and she’s going to be on her knees before you even know what’s going on. They live to suck and they’re never satisfied until they have a thick cock in their mouths and a smile on your face. It’s something that you have to experience to believe and no one is ever going to get in the way of your dick having a good time. Just use the easy to understand file names to get the videos that will work for you and let the girls suck all of your problems away.


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