How to trick her into swallowing

How to trick her into swallowing - VR Porn Videos

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that a girl has to swallow in order for her blowjob to be any good. There are a few different exceptions to this rule, but it’s true for the most part. It just feels better when you can just shoot your load into her mouth and have her swallow it down without ever stopping her head from bobbing. Just look at any of the girls in the blowjob VR sex clips that you’re able to enjoy when you’re on SwallowBay and you’re going to see a girl who loves to swallow. It’s just how it is. The problem comes when the girl just doesn’t want to swallow. It really sucks and you have to deal with getting right to the edge of an orgasm only for her to pull you out and totally ruin it. Then you have to work it all of the way back up while she jerks you off and there’s almost no point to it. If you’re tired of that kind of treatment and just need to get a blowjob virtual reality videos quality suck off then you’ll have to trick her into swallowing. Don’t let it make you feel bad. She should be doing it on her own to begin with.

Just hold her head down

If you want to just get it over with and go with the most direct approach then all you have to do is hold her head down. It happens to women so often that she can’t really complain about it. Just don’t expect her to be as happy about eating your cum as the girls in the fellatio virtual reality scenes that you like. She’s not going to be overly enthusiastic about it, but there won’t be anything that she can do about it. Your load will already be in her stomach by the time she starts getting upset and that’s really the end goal, anyway. The only thing you have to make sure you do is wait until you’re just about to cum. If you do it too soon then she might manage to get her head out and ruin the whole thing. You can think about the girl in the blowjob VR video if it makes you blow your load faster. Either way, just wait until it’s about to happen and then hold her head down until your balls are completely empty.

Hold it from her handjob

The other way to go about it is to pretend that it’s a total accident that you just came in her mouth. The best way to go about that is to let her pull you out and start jerking you off when she thinks your close. If you can pretend that you’re close to cumming then it will work the best. Just make her feel like she’s giving you the kind of blowjob that you get in the VR porn movies that you’re enjoying on SwallowBay and she won’t think it’s odd that you’re close. Then she’s going to start jerking you off and all you have to do is wait. Let her use her hand to actually get you close to blowing your load. Just don’t give her any sense that you’re close to shooting your load. She’s going to end up taking you back into her mouth to get you close to reaching the end. That’s when you have to let it flow. Release your nut as soon as you feel her tongue on your cock and just fill her mouth up with your seed. She’s going to be too surprised to stop and she’ll end up choking the whole load down for you.

Give it to the girls who want it

Naturally, you don’t have to trick anyone if you don’t want to. There’s no need to upset her if there’s a woman just waiting to swallow your load in any of the blowjob VR porn videos that you can get whenever you want on SwallowBay. Just let those girls take care of your dick instead and you won’t have to deal with any issues at all. It makes it as easy as possible to shoot your load into a willing mouth and none of these girls are ever going to complain about it. They want it and they want to do it for you. It’s always going to be your best bet when you need to feed your seed to a mouth girl. You can get the bad blowjobs from your wife or girlfriend whenever you want, so just save the good ones for the women who really take care of your needs for you. They want to be better than your wife or girlfriend anyway, so there’s no reason to not let them do it while she’s off washing your wasted cum off of her hands.

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