There is no such thing as the perfect penis

There is no such thing as the perfect penis - VR Porn Videos

What is the perfect penis size??

Let me tell you something, right at the very beginning. Yes, I will spill the beans right away. I am not sorry for that, though. Why? Because I am livid when I think about what society made you ask the uncle Google. The simple fact that your brain even came up with such a notion as “the perfect penis” is utterly poignant, to say at least. Again - why??? Now, pay attention to my words. Because there is NO such thing as perfect penis size. And the sooner you make your mind understand it, the better for you. I am serious, boy. In Japanese VR porn videos, you can see here no one is going to judge you due to the size of your weenie. Actually, no one cares. After all, why would anyone do that? Needless to say, we have plenty to talk about, my dear lad. And it is going to be a very, very intense discussion - not quite half as intense as our yoga VR clips, though - but still. You won’t be bored for a single second, that is for sure. You’ve got my word on that. So tranquilo!

No one will tell you here what is the perfect penis size

Why? Once again - due to the simple fact that such a thing does not exist. Only the society we are living in is trying to tell you for some reason (I will do my best to answer why it is even doing it in the first place in no time) that such a thing as the perfect penis exists. Maybe Justin Bieber has the perfect weenie? No? Of course, Bieber might not be masculine enough for most of you. What about Brad Pitt, though? Would you like your cock to look like his, huh? Does his piece of meat classify as a magnificent one? Does it typify the pristine perfection? Remember how he was banging Marla in The Fight Club? It seemed pretty similar to what you get in hairy pussy VR clips (but for the fact that our babes are way hotter than Marla - they are smoking hot), right? No matter what your answer is to this question, forget about it - neither Brad Pitt nor Justin Bieber - not even Donald Trump himself! - have the perfect penis size. How do I know that? Have I seen their cocks? If not, what gives me the right to say such blasphemy against them? My line of reasoning is simple and succinct. Let me explain.

Are you baffled by my answer to what is the perfect penis size? Keep reading and you will be astounded even more

I am absolutely adamant when it comes to that. It is like driving a hard bargain in business. One must be determined and unwavering. Otherwise, you will leave room for doubts. And under no circumstances is it my purpose here. The message I want to convey to you today is this - such thing as the perfect penis size does not exist. It is solely the construct created by the society to… to what? At a guess, to make you undermine your sex abilities and buy the pills which allegedly make your piece of equipment bigger. It is a purported help, though. If anyone tells you that you will enjoy our sex babes VR scenes more if you buy what they are selling, ignore such a person. I am entirely serious. Swallowbay’s content will always be an unparalleled experience, whether you buy some pills or not. And, Needless to say, our chicks don’t care to the slightest extent about such bullshit as the perfect penis. Yours is perfect for them no matter how it looks and of what size it is. Really.

Have you already understood that the perfect penis doesn’t exist?

If not, it means that the pills guys have done a tremendous marketing job. Applause! A round of applause! Your brain has been harmed so that another person could make money! Capitalism, you can be proud of yourself. Or, rather - the culture of comparison and consumption. That one is the biggest culprit here. If you ever leave your home at the crack of dawn to walk in the forest and instead of admiring the work of Mother Nature you think to yourself whether the cock of Brad Pit has the perfect penis size, then you should attend psychotherapy. The good news is, though - that we provide it in cyber VR scenes!!! Yes, that is right. Our gorgeous chicks are wondrous psychotherapists. They can make your dopamine system work… correctly at last. And then become the upholders of your inner peace. My message is this - as long as you relish the influence of mature VR porn, you will be fine. There is nothing to worry about.

Asking about the perfect penis size is a surefire way to lose your mind

You don’t believe me? Well, that is completely fine. You don’t have to. Instead, why don’t you talk to our seductive kittens, huh? I am pretty sure that their scintillating charisma will persuade you to anything they say (even if they tell you that Golum had the perfect penis size). It won’t matter, though - their words will slip your mind anyway as soon as you wake up from their striptease VR trance. Entering Swallowbay always entails a risk of developing a strong addiction towards stunning boobies and tight pussies. No matter who you are and where you come from, our girls will make you feel at last satisfied with yourself. Finding it hard to believe me? Go through their VR 6k porn videos on your own and you will realise that every single of my words was pure truth. Veracity is what we value on Swallowbay most - right after providing you with the exquisite FMM VR shows. So, have you learnt what is the perfect penis size at last? No? Perfect. I am more than glad to hear that.

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