Helicopter sex - everything you have to know

Helicopter sex - everything you have to know - VR Porn Videos

So, what about the helicopter sexual position for today?

My dear Swallowbay family (because that’s how I can already tell you, my devoted readers) - today we are going to focus together on the subject of helicopter position. I know, I know. There might be many voices right now saying „hey, Swallowbay dude! What does it even mean???” - my answer to this is simple and concise - tranquilo. Wait a moment and you will learn everything there is to know and even more (philosophy and glasses VR porn videos will be certainly mentioned as well). Amigos, the topic is huge and demands from me to do the tremendous fieldwork so I hope you will be glad from the effects. After all, the helicopter sex position might be the thing you have been always looking for - although subconsciously. Swallowbay is crammed to the gills with various lifehacks for how to make your anal VR experience even more enjoyable. Yet, I am quite convinced that this article in particular will usher in a new era on our site. After reading this, you won’t really need to deepen your knowledge of any other subject anymore. Your horny mind will be way too busy jerking off till the end of your days to think about anything else.

Why is helicopter sex so pivotal for your life?

The answer, as always, is complex - thus, we should look at it from multiple angles simultaneously. In the end, when you want to truly understand something, you must spend a lot of time both reading about it and doing it. Both theory and practice are indispensable. Yet, if Ebony VR porn videos can teach you one thing, it’s this - the latter is more important. Like in fucking, everything eventually comes down to numerous hours spent on practising. Practice makes the master, remember? It goes without saying that the same principle applies to helicopter positions. Even Brad Pitt would blush if he knew what it is. So, if you are in the mood for making this old fella feel awkward, that’s the best place to start. Sure, deep throat VR clips are also great for kicking off your journey - yet, you must admit it - helicopter sex position tickles your curiosity way more than anything else. No wonder, my friend, no wonder. When I first heard about it I was quite astounded. At this point, I would even believe that it is a fetish of banging babes in a flying helicopter. However, not this time...

Even if you already read about iglooing, helicopter sexual positions might surprise you

I still remember the iglooing thing... to be completely honest with you I think I got some kind of trauma after acquiring knowledge about it, you know? Curiosity killed the cat, they say... well, that’s what my neurons look like right now. What’s worse - it can’t be reversed. Even dildo VR clips don’t alleviate the pain! It might sound unbelievable but that’s the truth - in its purest form. Maybe writing about helicopter sex will help? It might, who knows. So, why don’t we try it? Yeah, giving it a shot seems the most reasonable option. After all, if 6k VR porn didn’t work... I should look for salvation elsewhere. That’s where our blog comes in handy. It was designed to give hope to those, who lost it. To give salvation to those, who seek it. To... Well, you get the idea - the more one educates himself on the subject of helicopter sex positions, the better. Once you acquire enough knowledge, nothing will be able to taint your soul anymore, not to mention debauching your spirit. So come and learn, my horny friends! Education is waiting for you.

Sometimes a bit of chaos is necessary in life to change the course of events... And what is helicopter sexual banging if not chaos in the purest form?

Ready to alter your life for the better? Stagnation doesn’t make things better for you, trust me. You should break free from the state of ennui as soon as you possibly can. Once you notice where you are, you must act - instantly. If not, even Lacy Lennon VR videos won’t be able to change too much in your case. „Lost case”, that’s what we call people like that. Unless you opt for delving into the subject of helicopter sex... Riveting stuff might result from such a decision, I am telling you. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said:

„And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” - the same might happen to you when you use the helicopter sex position while jerking off inside the skinny VR porn videos. Yet, care not about what others say. You are the one having the fun, not them. And their reaction... That is precisely what we tend to call „envy”.

If you want to shoot your libido to the legendary level, sooner or later you must learn helicopter sex

Do you remember what Oscar Wilde wrote once? Let me drop you here the fragment:

„We are all in the gutter - but some of us are looking at the stars” - needless to say, with the help of taboo VR porn and a bit of helicopter sex position you might leave the gutter. Sure, Camus compared the human condition to the life of Sisyphus - rolling the heavy rock over and over again” - yet, it is utterly important to remark something here - unlike you, Albert Camus didn’t have access to Swallowbay. Not to mention banging on a daily basis in a helicopter sexual position. At a guess, the guy didn’t even know what it was like. So why the hell would you listen to him? The times are changing, darling. And if you don’t want to stay behind, you better catch up with them - quickly. Needless to say, our Kay Lovely VR clips are the best way to do so.

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