Oral sex positions don't have to be boring!

Oral sex positions don't have to be boring! - VR Porn Videos

When in doubt, always go for one of these best oral sex positions.

Every single day your favorite hotties in porn come up with some new and exciting ways to have sex. Some of these ways to fuck look like no average human being should be able to do them… However, this type of gymnastics is not for everyone - obviously, only the hot professionals should do it, but if you are in the mood for something more down to earth go for the oral sex positions. Yes, we know, blowjobs are everywhere these days, you may even say that it is a requirement for the job to be able to down a couple of inches with no issues. Forget all the blowjob VR porn you are thinking about though. The hotties are not meant to offer you the same thing reheated all over again, they bring a new dimension with the oral. And, today you can learn some handy tricks from them.

You can never go wrong with classics - oral sex positions that everybody knows.

Arguably, when it comes to a good blowjob the position you are in is not as important as the tongue twisters on the tip. No matter which angle your cock penetrates these perky lips, you are still getting the same result - your balls are going to be dry as a desert. However, you want to be comfortable in cum in mouth VR videos right? The chicks are here to make you feel amazing at most times, not the other way around. So, go for the classic - sitting down on a chair or even the edge of the bed. You will get a beautiful angle letting you look deeply into these gorgeous eyes. The best oral sex positions don’t have to be complicated, just focus on what body part you want to appreciate this time and go for it. Sitting down or laying on the bed, let those tight lips do all the work for you, and enjoy all the ways that tightness can benefit your hard cock.

Want to take charge this time? We have the best oral sex positions for that.

Pulling hair is your type of fun? Well, let us introduce you to something you may already know - blowjob while standing up. Of course, you will be the only one standing, as the pretty girl has to be on her knees in front of you, obedient just like all the good chicks. She is ready to get her mouth on the hard shaft that was begging for attention for some time now… But not that quickly. BDSM VR is the best with some preparation, it won’t take long though. Just take her hair into your palm gently holding her head in place and get ready to shove her on your cock. There are no other oral sex positions that will meet your need for adrenaline like this one. You are in charge but still don’t have to work at all. If it is not every man’s dream what even would be?

Oral sex positions for when you feel like moving your muscles.

Blowjobs can get a bit boring after a while. Don’t close us off just yet, it is not as controversial as you may think. There is a great reason for it - you are not doing anything. While it is a great way to rest from all the work you usually do in the bedroom, after getting sucked for 5 minutes anyone can be a little distracted (even with all the pleasurable stimulation your dick receives). Unless you want it to turn into facial VR go ahead and let the chick lay down for a second. After all, what is a mouth if not a second pussy? Just use it all the same, thrusting with your hips in the best oral sex positions. Even a girl with no idea about deep throat will do very nicely all laid down in front of your hips. Now you are going to fight not to cum for multiple other reasons…

Not all of the best oral sex positions end with a cumshot, but these might.

There are as many opinions about sex as there are guys in this world, you can never please anyone at the same time. Thankfully, all of them can enjoy a cumshot if it is made well enough. Even if you are not into them mostly (peculiar), you cannot say no to one after handjob VR porn videos. Any girl can benefit from some cum on her face or tits - it will just make her more attractive, trust us on that. After all, have you ever seen a chick dripping with cum and thought to yourself “Wow this is so ugly”? Didn’t think so. Just get into any of the oral sex positions that get the big-titted hottie on her knees and nothing can stand between you and the orgasm. When you are all done and ready to finish on that pretty face just aim and shoot. Don’t worry missing the mouth will give you just some more interesting results. Abstract art, if you may.

Best oral sex positions that are the definition of pleasure for all.

You know exactly what is coming here - the beloved position number 69. Legend of so many discussions, jokes, and porn videos, but is it really that amazing? Well, of course, it is! Getting your dick sucked AND touching the ass and pussy at the same time? It’s like winning a lottery. All the best parts of a chick, and all of them are equally useful in oral VR. While it can be nice to please the chick at the same time too, do not bother too much, she will be too focused on your great cock to even notice anything going on with her body. There are many oral sex positions, but none that could ever compete with 69. This invention was the pick of human capabilities and will not get better. If you have somehow not tried it yet, do it right now, there is no reason to stall for much longer than that.

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