The pinnacle of pleasure: cervical orgasm

The pinnacle of pleasure: cervical orgasm - VR Porn Videos

What is a cervical orgasm?

Being a woman can be a struggle, even in modern times. However, there is one thing that people of female anatomy can certainly appreciate about their bodies: the ability to have different orgasms which vary depending on the place of stimulation. For example, Gizelle Blanco VR loves good old clitoral orgasm, which is a popular choice among girls. But anyway, so what exactly is a cervical orgasm? The cervix itself is a bit mysterious - it’s a lower part of the uterus, connected to the vagina, and located deep inside the female body. That is why getting a cervical orgasm can be complicated: it usually requires very deep penetration which can be painful for some women. Painful in a nasty way, not like kinky stuff in taboo VR porn videos. However, at least trying to explore your body is always a good idea, and trying to reach different kinds of orgasms is certainly a pleasurable and time-worthy feat. And as long as you use a lot of lube and have patience, you’re not gonna hurt yourself: the worst case scenario is simply deciding that it’s not something in your taste. However, remember not to get discouraged too quickly, because sometimes all it takes is a bit of careful practice.

What is a cervical orgasm experience like?

Here’s the thing: sometimes it can be hard to say what type of orgasm a person experienced. While cumming most people don’t really analyze ‘Wow I wonder if this was a vaginal or cervical orgasm?’. If you do, congratulations, you’re truly special. And you definitely should consider making a career in VR 6k VR porn videos with such a mind for details and technicalities. Anyway, what does this orgasm exactly feel like, what makes it unique? Well, women who had the occasion to have it, describe it as a special experience indeed. It goes through the entire body and is extremely intense, way more than a clitoral orgasm. There’s also a bit of unusual flavor to it since the cervix usually isn’t a particularly stimulated area. Unfortunately, not every woman is able to experience cervical orgasm, due to variations in anatomy and perception. If you want to try, start with solo action and pussy VR, as deep excitation helps with reaching this type of sensation. Also, you may want to use a dildo, since fingers tend to not be long enough; it all depends, of course, but better to be safe than sorry.

How to achieve cervical orgasm?

Cumming while having a pussy is a whole ordeal for some girls. Even though there are many ways to come, in some cases, it takes practice to fully understand one’s body and its preferences. Unfortunately, female anatomy is more complex than Fleshlight VR… so if you’ve never had a clitoral orgasm, focus on that one. However, if you’re further on the journey of sexual self-discovery, what is a cervical orgasm if not a great occasion for even more pleasure-searching? Cutting to the chase, prepare a dildo and lots of lube. You’ll also need a long foreplay to keep yourself deeply aroused. If the sensation of deep penetration feels weird, don’t worry - maybe this type of stimulation just isn’t for you. Not everyone is born to fully take on giants like actresses from big dick VR porn. Also, don’t overdo the penetration: yes, it’s supposed to be intense, but the position of the uterus depends on the individual and the day of the menstrual cycle. So if something felt amazing and maybe even scored you a cervical orgasm during your period, but was awful while ovulation, it’s probably a completely normal consequence of fluctuations in your body.

Best positions for a cervical orgasm

If you’ve managed to get this magical orgasm by yourself, maybe it’s time to try to involve the partner as well! As everyone acting in threesome VR porn knows, the more the merrier. However, before staring at anything, keep it in mind to not fuck TOO roughly; harsh and deep penetration can result in the bruising of the cervix and unpleasant sensations. You certainly wouldn’t want that; after all, what is a cervical orgasm if not something that is supposed to feel intensely delightful? Now, when it’s settled, let’s talk positions. The best one to go with is doggy-style: it allows stimulation at the right angle. If you’re not a fan, try to go with the cowgirl. It’s quite flexible at will let you control the depth of penetration. Just look at the girls from Cowgirl VR, they really seem to be enjoying themselves! As long as you’ll remember about adequate lubrication and have a long foreplay you may even have more fun than them. You have especially huge chances of succeeding if you are in a same-sex couple since the strap-on never gets tired. And, well, reaching a cervical orgasm might take some time, especially for the first time.

Help! I’ll never know what is a cervical orgasm sensation!

Let’s say that you’ve tried everything and did it right: you had long, sexy foreplay, assumed a doggy position, got amazingly fucked, and… nothing special happened! You either didn’t come or had an orgasm which felt like all the others. Or, what’s even worse, the sensation of having a cervix touched not only didn’t bring cervical orgasm but also felt awful. Well, it’s sad, but not all girls are built to have this particular experience. However, maybe you should take an example from anal VR porn videos and try having an anal orgasm? Or maybe even a nipple one? Your body is unique, and even if one type of pleasure is off the table, others are still within reach. The most important thing is not giving up. Do you think Lulu Chu VR got her career by letting go? Of course not! Maybe she also can’t have a cervical orgasm. So you should fight for your bed life like the lioness that you are. Ask your partner to try some new things, buy a new toy or a sexy, slutty outfit and have fun with yourself! Human bodies may be complicated and confusing, but one thing is sure: we all were built for some kind of pleasure.

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