Swallowbay’s hotties ask - what determines penis size?

Swallowbay’s hotties ask - what determines penis size? - VR Porn Videos

Why would you like to know whether is penis size genetic or not? Can you gain anything from that knowledge?

Oh, dude, you can get much more thanks to it than you might think to yourself at first. Sure, I am perfectly aware of the following part of the reasoning: „Why the heck would I care what determines penis size. Who cares?”. Well, certainly the producers of the pills and babes in mature VR porn. These gorges want to feel a man inside them, not a hobbit or anything like that. We are not in the realm of J.R.R. Tolkien, dear reader, but in porn - cum VR porn. If your little soldier is truly little, you should learn what determines dick size as soon as possible. After all, perhaps you will be able to take advantage of that knowledge at some poin. Trust me, it helps in bed more than anything el... Just kidding, just kidding. It doesn’t matter that much. To be completely honest with you, it usually doesn’t count at all. Let me explain.

Why you shouldn’t care whether is penis size hereditary or not

The high-quality hotties don’t give a fuck about it, you know? We are not on the cheap porn site where girls will be telling you „ouuuu, darling! How big it is!”. Senores, may I have your attention, please? In cuckold VR clips you will enjoy yourself whether you know what determines penis size or not. Really, remember my words. Real cock-suckers focus their attention on something else, something of much bigger importance than the size - on the character of their partner. In most cases whether you have a gigantic piece of equipment or not doesn’t matter that much. What counts, though, is the way you move, the way you moan and, first of all - how much caressing you can endure. Is penis size genetic? Who cares about that if you cum after a few seconds? The babe kneeling in front of you in VR 180 porn videos won’t even have too much time to look at it before you splash her face with your big load. And then, with your sticky substance on her eyes - she won’t be able to see anything anyway. You think that she would think „is penis size genetic?” under such circumstances? I am strongly dubious of it, to say at least.

Horny or not, you should read about what determines penis size

As we have already stated together above, as long as you are able to endure in her mouth or pussy for more than a few seconds, it doesn’t matter that much. First of all, you should show passion in whatever you do. It is absolutely essential both in life and bikini VR clips. If you don’t have the savvy for fucking, forget about the pleasure, even if your cock is bigger than Mount Everest (if it is, send me photos, please). You need to feel it. At such moments don’t ask yourself what determines penis size. Simply go with the flow, forget yourself in the act, immerse yourself in the momentum. That’s a recipe for the best possible life and banging. Why wouldn’t you reach for it? Especially since it is within your grasp, I am telling you. Perhaps you will not immediately know whether is penis size genetic or not but at least you will live a passionate life. A life filled with power, a life filled with fire blazing inside you. It is like being closed in the sloppy blow jobs VR porn paradise forever - isn’t that precisely what you wish for yourself, my lad?

Why would anyone renounce learning about what determines dick size?

Because, folks, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have good banging in your life, you don’t need to have the slightest inkling of what determines penis size. It doesn’t matter to anyone except for you. Sure, the hottie you are banging might be caught off guard if she notices that your cock is a lilliput. Nonetheless, if she’s a real professional, she will suck it with devotion anyway. You know how to recognise the vocational cock-sucker? She admires every cock, whether it is big or small. And, needless to say, regards it in the highest esteem. In the end, it is a sign of your masculinity - and thus it should be honoured with utmost respect and treated as an authority in everything. Every girl from redhead VR porn videos will do that, believe me. Our hotties don’t ask silly questions such as „is penis size genetic”. No. Instead, they kneel down, smile at you, thank you for giving them an opportunity and start doing what they are truly obsessed with - working over your lollie.

If reality was just an illusion, would you still persist in asking whether is penis size hereditary or not?

When you realise that you have only one life and that your time on planet Earth is limited, you have to cut to the chase. Once I heard the following words:

„You can have anything you want, albeit not everything you want”.

Man, you have to choose. If the latter part saddens you (which would not be surprising given our nature as humans), concentrate your entire attention on the former one. Yes, you can fulfil your dreams, even if „only” some of them. Maybe you will not become the Prince of Arabia but, with enough persistence, you will eventually watch every single masturbation VR porn that we have prepared for you on Swallowbay. The thing is, though, that you will not manage to attain it while asking all day long „What determines dick size?”. Folks, who cares? Like, really, who? Why would you fill your precious mind with such rubbish when you can bang hotties in Delilah Day VR scenes? Do you have any reasonable answer for that? Remember, „reasonable” is the key word here. So, what’s your reply? Whatever it is, just go and enjoy yourself. You live only once, remember.

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