What is fellatio?

What is fellatio? - VR Porn Videos

What does a blowjob feel like? Philosophers have been asking themselves these questions for ages

And did any of them come up eventually with an answer? I don’t know, man. At a guess, most of them have been too busy writing about life and other shit to experience what Swallowbay hotties have to offer. Sure, I am pretty sure that they couldn’t even imagine the advent of such a masterpiece as our AR VR porn (at least some of them - I have read in one article that Kant almost foresaw the creation of the lucrative first time oral sex business). To be entirely honest with you, guys, I feel pity for those chaps. Do you know why one becomes a philosopher? Mostly because he has no hotties around him to bang. That is what reality looks like. Yes, it might be poignant. But we have to learn how to deal with it. However…! Have you ever wondered why we don’t have half as many philosophers as we used to, huh? The answer lies in cum on face VR porn videos.

Swallowbay guy, can you finally answer what is a blowjob???

Nope, not right now. We have still plenty of things to talk about in front of us. I wouldn’t like to squander this opportunity to explain to you something as obvious as the “what does a blowjob feel like” sort of question. Especially, since you have the answer to this one at your fingertips - inside PSVR VR clips that we have prepared for you here. There, you will experience as many sloppy bj-s as you only wish. In fact, it is pretty amazing - at least In my humble opinion. Your possibilities nowadays are basically endless - the XXI century not only allowed you to relish natural tits VR porn videos whenever you only wish but also gave you unlimited access to the first time oral sex sort of experience at any moment. To be entirely honest with you, boy, I am pretty envious of the future generations. Imagine being born in a world where big tits VR babes can be met everywhere. Or, let’s delve into science fiction - you are born and immediately transferred into the metaverse where everything is possible. Man, it must be cool. I am curious about what is about to come yet.

The writing is on the wall - you must finally learn what is fellatio

Fellation, in medical nomenclature, is an act when a mature woman lays her knees on the floor and… Did you really expect me to say such stuff? Guys, por favor! Let’s have some respect for each other, even the minimal one. After all, we have been through so much together… Remember an article about iglooing? Yeah, me too… When you get through shit (this time, unfortunately - quite literally) together, you become closer to the other person… Thus, As far as I am concerned, asking me “what does a blowjob feel like” is out of place. Instead, why wouldn’t you focus more on MILF VR porn, huh? Especially, since there is much more to them than meets the eye. Think about it this way - why the hell would you waste your time reading theory when you can learn through practice? Sure, the latter demands certain effort (many bikin VR clips which you can see on Swallowbay will tire you more than any workout you have ever heard) but:

it is much more effective

the pleasure you get is unparalleled.

That is everything you need to know.

Knowing what is fellatio is your inalienable right!

Now, take notice of something - how your little weenie down there reacts whenever I mention petite Latina VR scenes, huh? Have you ever paid attention to that seemingly little detail? Okay, sorry for another understatement. The boner you have down there when you think about your first time oral sex with Hispanic girls is as far from “little” as you can only imagine. I would rather dare to compare it to Mount Everest or something like that. Be careful, my lad! Given what I have said above, you should you sure no one is around you whenever you make up your mind to nurture such dirty thoughts. In work, you must keep a straight face - no “what does a blowjob feel like” sort of questions. it is absolutely forbidden. Otherwise, your weenie might become THE weenie and shoot its cum cannonball in the least expected moment. Trust me, boys - that is not what you wish for. I know cases of guys who pierced the walls with their fat loads while picturing in their minds (seemingly innocent) pissing VR fantasies. If you don’t want such a scenario to happen to you, you better be careful. Very careful. Your mind is a very sharp tool. And your cock… Well, I don’t even find an adequate word.

Take it easy, my horny little goblin! I am finally about to give you an answer to “what is a blowjob?”

I bet that sometimes thoughts concerning riding VR clips might seem to you like real gatecrashers. In the end, just imagine this scenario for a second - you are at work doing paperwork. And then, all of a sudden - it comes. Oftentimes, literally. You don’t even have time to react. Your piece of equipment pierces your trousers tearing the material apart. How? The thought of lollipop VR porn videos that you will watch afterwards crossed your mind and… voila! nothing can be done anymore. Don’t cry over spilt milk, though! Personally, I have met many folks who got fired because of this but you know what? They are happier now. Being laid off means nothing more, nothing less but having more time for experiencing 3D cumshots VR clips. And when you find yourself at such a stage in life… Asking “what does a blowjob feel like” will seem simply ludicrous. After all, you will get it every single day.

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