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  • Name: Allie Addison
  • Aka: Alli Addison
  • Dob: 2000-02-10
  • Height: 157cm - 5ft 1in
  • Weight: 42kg - 92lbs
  • Measurements: 2000-02-10
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site: https://www.instagram.com/theallieaddison/
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: Detroit
  • State: Michigan
  • Allie Addison Biography:

    This babe is irresitible. Try not to cum while watching her in Allie Addison VR porn videos. Good luck

    Allie Addison is a naturally kinky girl and you can tell that just by looking at her for a second. This babe has the kind of body that makes her perfect for the iphone VR porn that she makes on SwallowBay. It’s obvious that this chic uses every last inch of herself to experience every orgasm that rips through her tight little figure. Allie’s one of those very lucky women who can have full body orgasms and this girl never lets that talent go to waste at all. Every time she cums on camera, it’s the real deal and no one ever has to question it. That’s what makes her such a good fit for making porn. This honey can truly enjoy herself and she’s always in the mood to try out something different with her body. It’s clear in every VR nude movie that Allie is in that there’s nothing this minx doesn’t want to try out and that you’re always in for a good time when she’s in the room. If there’s just one girl that you have in your porn for the rest of your life then you’re going to be extremely lucky it’s her.

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    Allie knows how to get herself off and the amount of intense pleasure that she’s feeling is always obvious on her cute face. Allie was born on February 10, 2000, in Detroit, Michigan and it’s has a huge impact on her life. Growing up in Detroit means that you don’t get much time outside. That’s why this girl had so much free time to explore herself in her room. It was clear that hitting 18 was going to change her life for the better because this young girl finally got the chance to use everything she had learned about her sexuality with other people. Allie didn’t just get to be as good as she is in her sloppy blowjob VR videos without practice and there were more than enough men willing to help her out. By the time this babe started making VR upskirt scenes at the age of 19 in 2019, she had already done more thing that most girls her age have ever thought of. It didn’t matter if this chic was having sex with guys, other girls, or even herself.

    You like American girls? You’ll like then our Allie Addison VR porn

    Each encounter was a chance for her to learn something new and feel something different. That’s what’s been her driving force and this dynamo doesn’t have any plans of slowing herself down anytime soon. This princess has an all-American look to her that you just can’t find everywhere. Her light skin and strawberry blonde hair just can’t help but draw you into them. She stands at 5’ 2” for a very short and petite look that no one can ever ignore for very long. It gets even better when you realize that this VR babe only weighs in at 92 LBS. That’s a really tiny package that you just can’t get enough of when you’re enjoying her in her fellatio virtual reality scenes that she has for you on SwallowBay. Allie’s figure is as good as it gets and measures in at a perfect 32-22-32. Her small and totally natural boobs are just able to fill an A cup and there are no plans to change that at all. They suit her body perfectly and she loves to show them off in natural tits VR porn videos to as many different people as she possibly can when this girl is in the mood to have some fun.

    She likes having fun with men. Will you let her to do so? Find it out in Allie Addison VR videos

    There’s a fun navel piercing to find when you get her undressed but there aren’t any tattoos to get in the way of the view of her body. It just doesn’t get any better than that when you like your girls cute and innocent looking. Since Allie Addison was already so experienced by the age of 19, this girl wanted to try out something new and different for her very first handjob VR porn scene. That’s why she decided to go with a footjob to see how enjoyable it would be for her. Then this adventurer moved on to giving blowjobs on camera and that’s why her ultra high definition VR videos on SwallowBay are so good. Allie has been doing them since she started in porn and this mouth girl loves the way it makes her feel to be able to suck out a load on set.

    With Allie Addison VR porn clips you won’t rest for a single second

    There are still lots of other things that she’s done, though. From VR hardcore lesbian sex and sensual masturbation scenes, there really is no telling what this hottie is going to be up for next. It all depends on how she feels and what this thrill seeker wants to experience for the first time. This chic is one of the best at taking facials and creampies and it’s always the best way to show her just how good she feels. If Allie is not the best sex that you’ve ever had in your life then she’s doing something wrong or you don’t know what sex is. Even though she just started making her masturbation VR porn in 2019, Allie Addison already has over 130 credits to her name with new ones coming out all of the time.

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    Being on SwallowBay is the best way for her to share her body with as many different people as this girl can. Stepping into the room with her in one of her lollipop VRvideos is the closest that anyone can ever get to actually letting her suck them off and that’s what this minx is really after. This is a girl with the skills it takes to be the best and there’s no way that Allie is going to let you leave without getting her mouth around your shaft. There’s no better way to share her oral talents with the world and you’ll never want to let anyone ever suck your dick again. There’s just no point to it at all. You’ve already had the best that you’ll get to experience and she’s just waiting for you whenever you want to feel her mouth again. It’s not her fault that Allie is so good at it. It’s just her nature to want to have fun and she’s gotten to be the best at it along the way.

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Allie's Twisty Lollipop - VR Porn Videos VR 6K
Allie Addison
Date: 05th Mar 2022
Time: 53:37

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