Bridgette B.

  • Name: Bridgette B.
  • Aka: Spanish Doll, Bridget B, Bridgett B
  • Dob: 1983-10-15
  • Height: 173cm - 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 59kg - 130lbs
  • Measurements: 40F - 28 - 38
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site:
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: Barcelona
  • State: Spain
  • Biography: There’s a lot to be said about a girl who takes her pleasure very seriously and that’s exactly what you’re going to be getting with a girl like Bridgette B. She knows why people come to her and she wants that to keep on happening. Her assets are what they’re after and she’s always happy to show them off on SwallowBay. She’s ready to give you anything that you need and there’s never anything that she hasn’t done before. She’s been around for long enough to be able to make every single fantasy you’ve ever had come true. She can offer you the things that the younger girls won’t and that’s why she should always be on the menu. She loves to be the girl that you can turn to when you need it to be right and she’s always working on her skills. If she’s not the best that you’ve ever had then you’re the one who’s doing it wrong. Let her take over and make you happy and you’ll never have to want for anything in your life. That’s what she has to offer you and she’s ready to give it all to you right now. All it takes is a click and she’ll be the girl of your dreams for as long as you want. She was born on October 15, 1983 in Barcelona Spain and still has plenty of that Latin fire than makes women like her so sexual in nature. She loves to make her blowjob VR porn, but it all started for her back in 2007 when she was 24 years old. She got into it later than most of the girls and that only meant that she already knew what she was doing with her body. She never slowed down for a single second and she has over 1,000 titles to her name with new ones coming out all of the time. She loves making porn so much that she doesn’t have any plans of ever stopping for any reason. She likes to be on camera and she loves to show off all of her skills. You just can’t get any better than that and she knows it. As long as she can get naked and have an orgasm, she’s going to keep on making brand new porn for all of her fans to enjoy. She has a service to offer and she’s more than happy to make it all happen whenever she can. She had blonde hair and blue eyes that make her Mediterranean heritage very obvious to everyone. If you’ve ever had the desire to enjoy VR porn movies from a Latin woman with a perfect body then she’s the one who can make it happen for you. She stands at 5’ 8” and weighs in at a perfect 129 LBS. That makes her just right and no one can ever look away from her naked body for very long when she’s within sight of them. Her body measures in at 34-27-34 for an amazing figure that will just drive you wild. Best of all, she works on her body to make it the best you’ve ever had in your life. That’s why she went ahead and got herself a fake set of F cup tits that she loves to show off to anyone who wants to enjoy them. 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Now that she’s making her blowjob VR videos, she get to let men from all over the world feel like giving her facials every single day. She loves it and she’s only going to make more and more of it as time goes by. She loves to share herself and this is the best way for her to do without having to travel all over the world to make it happen. No matter how much of Bridgette you’ve seen in the past, you’ve never gotten anything better from her than her fellatio virtual reality scenes. She puts her all into them and she loves the way it makes the people watching it feel like she’s doing it all to them. Give her a chance to take care of your needs and you’ll never be able to think of a girl who did it any better than her. She’s the best at what she does because she puts in more than enough work. You can’t make over a thousand porn video without becoming a blowjob expert and she uses it all to her advantage. You can try the younger girls all you want but you’ll never be as satisfied as you’ll be with this MILF. She can do it all and she can do it all better than anyone else. Don’t waste your time with anyone else when you can get the best from her first. She’s just waiting to show you all of her skills and you’ll never be the same again. This Latin girl is everything that you’ve ever wanted from an orally gifted woman.

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Bridgette Gumballs VR 6K
Bridgette B.
Date: 09th Jul 2021
Time: 34:31

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