Jennifer White

  • Name: Jennifer White
  • Aka: Jen Allure, Carly Anne Friedman
  • Dob: 1998-02-07
  • Height: 157cm - 5ft 1in
  • Weight: 52kg - 114lbs
  • Measurements: 34C - 27 - 36
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site:
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: Agoura Hills
  • State: California
  • Biography: Jennifer White has a big secret and only a few people are allowed to know it. These are the people that she likes to get naughty with but they’re never going to tell anyone else about it. That would ruin the whole thing for her. She needs to keep her secret because it just makes the whole thing more fun for her. That secret is this SwallowBay girl is just a sex addicted slut and she’s never going to be anything else. It doesn’t matter how much blowjob VR porn she gets to make. She’s still going to want to make more and she’s never going to be fully satisfied. That’s why her VR porn movies are so much fun to watch. It’s obvious that she still wants more and that she’s going to do anything it takes for her to get it. She’s willing to do anything and everything and the people who make the porn with her usually have trouble keeping up with her. She’s insatiable and that’s what sends her into the arms of any man or woman who can give her just one more orgasm when she needs it. Of course, she’s just going to seek out someone else afterward to get a few more orgasms for herself. She was born on February 7, 1988 in Agoura Hills, California and always had a desire to get as naughty as she possibly could She was never able to keep herself to one man after she hit 18. No matter how much sex she had with her boyfriend, she always had to go out and have sex with someone else. Her pussy was already insatiable and that was when she realized that she was also in love with having sex with other girls. It was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that she was destined to end up making blowjob VR videos. She just loved having sex too much to not want to show it off to as many strangers as she possibly could. She just enjoyed sex too much and couldn’t stop herself from having it with anyone who happened to catch her eye. If she wasn’t having an orgasm then she wasn’t happy and she was always on the hunt to make herself happy. She’s never been far from an orgasm and there always seems to be someone who’s willing to give it to her. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes that let you know she’s naughty from the first second that you see her. She always seems to have something on her mind that she can’t tell you about and that’s a huge part of her allure. She stands at 5’ 4” and weighs in at 125 LBS. It gives her the kind of look that would make anyone want to get to know her better in private. That’s why her fellatio virtual reality scenes are so incredible and she knows it. Her amazing figure measures in at an amazing 34-28-39 and she never shies away from showing it off in the nude. She also has a totally natural and stunning set of C cup boobs. She loves to have them played with and her nipples are as sensitive as they can come. That’s why she’s always happy to see someone who wants to play with them for her. She has one tattoo on the back of her neck and a few piercings. There’s one in her right nostril, one in her navel and one in her tongue. It’s the one in her tongue that she likes the most because she can use it to give the very best blowjobs on the planet. Since she was already 21 years old when she started making porn, she didn’t have to work herself up to anything. Her first scenes had her eating out any pussy that got in her way. She was completely okay with going lesbian because she had already done it so many times before. There was no pussy that she wouldn’t lick and she was more than happy to spread her legs for another girl to bring her to a satisfying orgasm. Once she took her first facial and swallowed her first load of salty cum, it was only a matter of time before she started making blowjob virtual reality videos. She was finally able to be as naughty as she wanted to be. She could show up in any room and give a long and satisfying blowjob to any man who wanted it. It’s the happiest she’s ever been and she’s only going to make more of it as time goes by. She loves to use her own body for pleasure and no one has ever turned her away when she’s wanted to feel good and share an orgasm with them. There’s just no better girl to spend your time with when you want to see the very best that blowjob VR sex clips have to offer you. She wants to make you feel good and she wants to make herself feel good in the process. She’s always up for anything and nothing is too far out there for her to enjoy. She just wants to be naughty and showing up in the virtual world is the very best way for her to do it. She has the body for it and she has the will to give you all of the sexy action that you’ve ever craved from anyone. If there’s one girl that you want to see in your headset then it’s going to be her and her jet black hair. It’s the perfect thing to see when you look down and see what she’s doing to your cock. No one will be able to make it as stiff as she can and no one will take care of it as well as she will. It’s just the way that she is and she’s just waiting to take a brand new member deep into her warm and friendly mouth.

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Jennifer White
Date: 06th Jul 2021
Time: 31:46

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