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  • Name: Khloe Kapri
  • Aka: Chloe Capri, Khloe Capri
  • Dob: 1997-06-27
  • Height: 157cm - 5ft 1in
  • Weight: 48kg - 105lbs
  • Measurements: 32B - 24 - 36
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site:
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: Nevada
  • Biography: Khloe Kapri is a girl you would with pleasure present to your parents. She’s beautiful, polite and very sweet. A truly charming person. But whenever it comes to having some adult fun, you would think twice before revealing this side of hers to anyone. She’s proud of it. However, what happens when she takes off her bra and starts playing with you isn’t prudent. But why should it be? After all, that’s what allowed her to make such a staggering career after playing in the hottest virtual reality blowjob porn videos for merely 6 years. She started at the very young age of 19 and since then, no one was able to stop this pheromones’ bomb from conquering the world. Guys who ran into her in the sex clips she played still are unable to forget everything that happened that night. And it’s not even because everything was recorded and then released as one of the best ultra-high-definition VR porn videos. The reason is different. It’s all because of Khloe’s exceptional skills. We cannot even say she’s a professional, as it would be an understatement. It’s something more. Whether it’s because of her stunning body which measures 32-25-36 or her charm, it’s hard to say. Pointing out a specific reason would be a loss of time, as everything in her is responsible for that. Starting with a beautiful, youthful smile and finishing with the passion with which she does her well-known VR sloppy blowjobs. Just one look at her is enough to assure oneself that one is dealing with a perfect form of a human being. Khloe is very generous, and that’s why she decided to share her passion with others. At first, like many of her colleagues, she started with normal porn videos. Even though they didn’t have all those features that the full-length VR porn sex clips have, Khloe, just because of her presence there, made them great. And no one should be surprised by it, as this hot chick we are talking here about always does her best anywhere. 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Khloe Kapri
Date: 26th Jul 2022
Time: 56:05

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