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  • Name: Rocky Emerson
  • Aka:
  • Dob: 1995-12-12
  • Height: 191cm - 6ft 3in
  • Weight: 59kg - 130lbs
  • Measurements: 1995-12-12
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site: https://www.instagram.com/therockyemerson/
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: California
  • Rocky Emerson Biography:

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    Rocky Emerson is a very tall girl who can stand out in a crowd and she’s always used that to her advantage. If she’s the one that catches your eye then she’s also the one that you’re going to try and have sex with. That’s why she always has someone waiting for her in the bedroom. She’s spent so much time having fun that she was able to take her skills to SwallowBay and show them off to the entire world. Her sloppy blowjob VR porn lets you see just how good she is with her mouth and she’s never afraid to prove that she’s the best you’ve ever had in your life. Seeing her in her VR Latex movies is all anyone ever needs to get their fill of gorgeous girls with warm mouths that they love to offer up to anyone in need. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, either. She’s going to keep working at it until she gets rewarded with a sloppy load to play with. If there’s one thing she can always be counted on for, it’s smiling with satisfaction when she tastes the salty cum that she’s worked so hard to get out of someone.

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    She was born on December 12, 1991 in the United States and she was always a tall girl. All of the guys her age were quick to give her attention but would save their flirting for the shorter girls. She may have been their friend, but none of them ever looked at her as someone they wanted to have sex with. That’s why she started creating so many VR doggy style clips. She wanted the same kind of attention that the other girls were getting and sucking dick was the best way for her to do it. Even if she wasn’t dating them, she was still happy to suck them off. It was her need to be looked at sexually that led her to making porn at the age of 26 in 2017. She needed the men around her to want to fuck her, so she showed off her skills on camera and just waited for them to come calling. It was only a matter of time before she started making body cumshot VR videos and having men from all over the world begging to get a piece of her. She’s always been more than happy to trade a blowjob in return for attention and she loves it.

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    She has long brown hair and sexy blue eyes that you can’t look away from once they catch your attention in her brunette VR porn scenes. If you can look down and see her looking up at you while you feel her soft tongue sliding up and down your shaft then you never have to find anything else in the world to be happy. She stands at an extremely tall 6’ 3’ and weighs in at a skinny 129 LBS. That’s why she tends to stand out in a crowd of other women. Her amazing figure measures in at 32-25-30 and she has a totally real and natural set of C cup tits that she can shove in your face while she’s standing in front of you. You just can’t get that with any of the shorter girls around. On top of all that, she also has plenty of tattoos to make her look even more attractive. She has a full sleeve tattoo on her right arm and another sleeve on her left arm, a tattoo on her abdomen, one on her back, a tattoo on her right hip, left hip, her right thigh, both calves, and one on her right foot. That’s not all, though.

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    She also has piercings in her septum and both sides of her lower lip. She always has more tattoos coming and loves the way they look on her totally naked body. She started out just wanting to show herself off in her VR tattoos porn. That’s why her first scene was just her dancing and slowly stripping off her clothes. She loves the way it made her feel and she was soon back to make more. She loved being stared at so much that she decided to masturbate on camera and really give them a show with her hot body. She got everyone so worked up that men were begging her for blowjobs and she took her very first facial a few scenes later. That was her first taste of VR cum clips and she quickly made her way up to making curvy VR videos. She sometimes takes breaks to eat out pussies, but it’s sucking on dicks that really makes her happy. If she can suck out a fresh load on camera then she’s always going to have a giant smile on her face. It just makes her feel like she’s doing a good job and getting all of the attention that she’s always after.

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    No matter how much anyone loves short girls, Rocky is going to change their minds. She’s tall and she’s sexy. You can’t really ask for more than that. Seeing her in her hairy VR porn clips is enough to make you wish you could find a girl taller than you just to get her down on her knees and make her work for your attention. She’s always happy to show herself off and she just wants to be noticed by horny men. She just craves it and she’s always trying to get more of it. It’s a good thing that her body is so hot and ready for action. If there’s one way to make her feel good, just let her use her mouth and suck out a hot load. It’s all she needs to know that she’s the focus of your attention and using it to her advantage. Give her a chance to impress and she’s going to make it happen right away. That’s what she’s always after and she’s never happier than when she’s the center of attention and making you crave her mouth.

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Rocky Road - VR Porn Videos VR 6K
Rocky Emerson
Date: 20th Jun 2021
Time: 31:00

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