Tommy King

  • Name: Tommy King
  • Aka:
  • Dob: 1995-04-02
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Measurements:
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site: Tommy King ♡
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Biography: Isn’t it a dream of each man to spend the free time one has to caress some young lady in bed? The answer to that question seems obvious. And in reality, it is. So if, one day, you gather enough courage to finally fulfil your fantasies, which girl would you choose? Here comes Tommy King, who seems to be an excellent choice. She has everything you can desire in a woman. Great, curvaceous body. A perfect size. Neither is she too tall nor too short. Her skills, about which we are going to talk a bit later, are, to put that in a nutshell, superb. Those qualities and the other ones allowed Tommy to stand out from her competitors and shine among them as if she were a genuine star. Whenever someone wants to create the best VR blowjob brunette sex scene, this kitten is one of the first persons that are called. The equation is pretty straightforward. If you want to create something valuable, you need to have good people on board. Can you find anyone better than Tommy King for such a job? It’s doubtful. Usually, the problem with porn stars who star in VR blowjob scenes is that they just look good in front of the camera and that’s all. They just don’t have this verve you need if you want to give to a man a true form of pleasure. It just looks good on the video, while in reality is a pretty mediocre experience. The case of Tommy is completely different. She’s conscious of the fact that appearance is something of utter importance. Nonetheless, this babe also emphasizes the quality. Whereas other brunette VR porn actresses just appear on usually just two or three (if they have a fluke) videos, Tommy cannot keep herself away from various offers. She always makes her point of checking each one of them, but she chooses only the best ones. That is the reason why you can’t see this hottie on each VR porn site. Luckily for all of us, our honnie decided to have some adult fun with you on Swallowbay.com, which she considers as one of the very few best ultra-high-definition porn video places. So once you see her coming closer to you, or rather it should be said, to your zipper, be ready for a unique experience. The passion she puts into every activity she takes up is easily visible, it just emanates from her shapely body. Many men have already had several disputes about her. If she decides she’s in the mood for getting a lady, you can see long queues of waiting men in front of her door. She doesn’t accept everyone, though. You should know; this kitten is quite choosy. Her time is limited and, as we mentioned before, she always does her best. Thus, her limit of stamina goes down pretty quickly. For that reason, selection of the candidates is always strict. This hottie has an incredible ability. Just by making eye contact with her beautiful brown pearls, she can sense if the guy’s cum is tasty or not. What is important to stress here is that this girl loves man’s gravy. If you want to give her some pleasure, the best thing to do is a sloppy blowjob facial. And in order to taste you, she will do everything it takes. Normally, she doesn’t need to do too much, though. Some men just empty out their balls by looking at her stunning body. We should talk about it right now. Her natural boobies have quite an impressive size of 34B. Whereas, her figure in general measures 35-28-38. Therefore, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that many guys cannot hold long before shooting out what they had inside them. Even though she sucks you dry afterwards so that there won’t be any trace of your delicious cum, she hates when people do it so fast. This babe is very ambitious, and it gives her great joy to first do the best big tit sloppy blowjob you can find nowhere else, and only there get the prize. We all know how hard it is to hold yourself back with such a sweetie next to you, but do your best. Tommy will remember your sacrifice and, for sure, it will be paid and given back to you in one form or another. What’s also very important to mention about her is the question of how she actually kicked off the VR porn blowjob career. We already know that once she entered it, she unquestionably changed the entire business forever. But now it’s worth thinking about the reasons that stood behind such a decision. It’s not a common thing for young girls to start doing the best thing they can do with their bodies in front of the camera. Many of them are too shy or too proud to kick off with porn. Why did Tommy start her incredible career as a brunette VR porn star? To make a long story short, this babe just felt in her veins what her future should be like. Do you know this feeling when you know what to do in a given situation without putting much thought into it? That’s exactly the case here. Just one look in the mirror was enough for Tommy to decide. And we are lucky she made such a choice, as the sloppy blowjobs she does in the VR porn videos are incomparable with anything else. This kitten is commonly known as a Queen of Pleasure. Did she deserve that title? We don’t really need to ask such questions. It’s better to try her first before theorising. Some things you just need to experience to understand them, that’s all. What we can advise you now is to close your eyes and let her suck you dry. Only then will you see what pleasure really means.

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Tommy's Love Lollipop VR 6K
Tommy King
Date: 11th Jun 2022
Time: 51:03

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