Increase seminal volume for stronger orgasms

Increase seminal volume for stronger orgasms - VR Porn Videos

Orgasms are a whole lot of fun. In fact, they’re what drive most of us. All we want to do is have orgasms with as many people as we can and we’ll be satisfied sexually and spiritually. That doesn’t mean they can’t be better, though. Just think about what an orgasm is. You’re shooting semen out through your dick and it feels good. That sounds simple enough. Just pay attention to what’s happening the next time you watch your favorite blowjob VR sex clips on SwallowBay and you’ll see what’s going on. When you’re really into it, it can feel even better. All it takes is sitting down with a blowjob virtual reality video that you love and you’ll see the difference. If you actually watch the whole thing and let the girl tease you and draw it out for as long as she can, you’ll have a mind blowing orgasm that leaves you gasping for breath. There’s a reason for that. You’re more excited and shooting out more semen than you normally would. So, what would happen if you could find a way to increase your seminal volume on every single orgasm that you have? Each one would be Earth shattering and here’s how you can go about making it happen.

Give your body what it needs

The very first thing you have to do is give your body the things that it needs. It might not be super easy, but if you can do it, you’ll be rewarded with intense orgasms that you never thought were possible before. It will take work, but the first time you shoot off a load to your favorite fellatio virtual reality scene, you’ll know that it was more than worth it. Exercising is key to the whole thing. You really want to get a good amount of it in your life. The more you exercise, the more your body will be able to do its thing, and that includes creating semen. You also want to make sure that you get enough sleep. That’s when you’ll be producing it. If you can also manage to reduce your alcohol intake and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll see your seminal increase almost right away. If you need a release while you’re doing all of this, just take some time with a blowjob VR video and you’ll be refreshed and ready to get right back to it.

Add supplements to your diet

After you start taking care of your body, it’s time to add supplements to really let your semen volume grow. It doesn’t take a whole lot of them, but you definitely want them to help you out. The two biggest ones are zinc and folic acid. These are things that you can find naturally in food, but its best if you can get them in pill form. That’s the best way to know exactly how much you’re getting of them so you can track it all. You’re going to want to take in at least 1 mg of folic acid and 15 mg of zinc every day. Once again, you’ll see the difference the next time you take a break with SwallowBay. The next VR porn movie you blow a load to will let you know that you’re doing it right. If you take both supplements together then you’ll get the results that you’re after. Just make sure that you don’t take just one of them. They have to work together in order to work. If you drink plenty of water at the same time, your body will have everything that it needs to produce more semen and make you a very happy man.

Just enjoy it

Once you’ve done it all, the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy your new orgasms. They’re going to be much more powerful than they used to be. Now you can spend even more time on SwallowBay and watch as many blowjob VR porn movies as you want. You’ll be able to keep up with them with giant loads that never let you down. You can even treat any girl you want to a special night of sloppy shots that she’ll never be able to forget. However you want to use them is up to you. They’re going to be there for as long as you keep up with the steps. Once you change your life for the better, you’ll be rewarded with more pleasure and you just can’t get any better than that.


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