A longtime classic: cowgirl position

A longtime classic: cowgirl position - VR Porn Videos

What is cowgirl position and why do you have to try it out?

Howdy, pal! Everyone at some point in their lives has heard about this one. It’s an absolute classic, very simple to assume, and providing fun for both lovers. What exactly does the cowgirl position look like then? The clue is already there in the name, though it can be changed depending on the gender of the person who happens to be on the top: we might as well talk about the cowboy or cowperson. But since at Swallowbay we are all about our gorgeous chicks (who can be all admired in detail at ultra high definition VR porn videos), let’s focus on a girl aspect of things. She assumes the role of the adventurous rider, mounting the guy who is lying on his back, with his legs stretched straight. Usually, partners face each other, allowing some amazing views. After all, there is absolutely nothing hotter than observing the face of a person you’re fucking melt in pleasure. Not to mention that in this pose the man also has easy access to the boobs, just like in touching tits VR. Holy cow, just imagine how soft the breasts can be!

How to move in a cowgirl sex position?

As you already know, fucking is not about being statically stuck in one pose, like weird glued-together models. It’s all about finding the right rhythm and keeping it up till you cum, just like professionals from the riding VR. And one of the biggest advantages of cowgirl position is that it allows the girl to tailor the movement to her personal needs. She can go up and down if she is in the mood for a more intense workout, or more horizontally. The second way increases friction on her pussy and can be extremely pleasurable for both her and the guy. However, if the dick is too huge, which is a case well-known at big cock VR, it might be a bit painful to ride. In such a scenario it may be necessary to add some support under the woman’s legs, for example pillows. Not every girl is ready to embrace some more demanding challenges in her sex life, which is completely fine. Those things take a lot of practice, which is why fucking regularly is an amazing way to explore both her own and her partner’s body.

What is cowgirl sex position’s potential in female orgasm?

As some men might know from their own disappointing intercourses, some girls ain’t so easy to please. This is truly horrible, because who wouldn’t want to see and hear a pretty babe losing herself in pleasure? Unfortunately, even though real life may not be as cool as squirt VR vids, there are some tricks to increase sexual satisfaction of even the most problematic in this aspect women. Cutting to the chase, the cowgirl sex position has immense potential when it comes to making chicks come! Since your lover is on the top, she has the ability to control the level of penetration to her own liking. Moreover, she can thrust in such a way as to stimulate her clitoris by rubbing it onto the guy’s pelvis. If even more is necessary, this position can feel even more good if a vibrating cock ring is added to the mix. This combination will get any babe moaning almost as loud as Katie Kush VR getting fucked in the ass (and oh boy, is she a noisy one). However, do not worry if the results won’t be there on the first try, sex is easy to do and hard to master.

Hungry for more? Eat in the cowgirl position.

If you are a somewhat online person you have probably seen many “sit on my face” jokes here and there. It’s a compliment that just writes itself when one sees a photo of a girl with cute thighs, for example like those of Jennifer White VR… Anyway, but what if she ACTUALLY sat on your face? Not with her full body weight, of course, though if you are a fan of really extreme stuff no one is forbidding you (maybe only your better judgment). Still, what is cowgirl position if not an occasion for some wet session of pussy licking? It looks similar to the usual cowgirl: the woman is on her knees, hovering over the lying man’s head. Both lovers have to remain somewhat careful; many girls absolutely love receiving oral sex and might lose control while having an orgasm! Despite this danger, it’s something every couple must try, especially if the chick has a body like delicious models from curvy VR porn videos. Nothing will make you as hard as grabbing some thick ass while eating the pussy out. All you have to do is gather up a bit of courage.

Reverse cowgirl sex position for ass enthusiasts.

Juicy butt can drive the most laid-back man absolutely crazy. Titties are amazing, sure, but sometimes it’s good to appreciate the other side of a lady, as each inch of her body needs utmost attention. For example, actresses from Ebony VR porn have delightful faces and boobs, but man, those asses are from the other world. So if you want to look at some bottoms, do try the reverse cowgirl position! It looks just like a classical cowgirl, only the partners have their backs turned against each other. It’s especially fun for doing anal, as you can clearly see as a girl is fucking her tight back hole with your dick, but works well with the usual vaginal sex. Both are gonna make you cum in no time and will be extremely pleasurable for the chick as well. If for whatever reason you are still not sure if this aligns with your tastes, check out big ass nude VR! Stars here will convince you in two minutes that a thick booty is always a good way to go. Leave behind the debate tits or ass and remember, both are sexy as hell.

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