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  • Name: Katie Kush
  • Aka:
  • Dob: 1997-04-21
  • Height: 160cm - 5ft 2in
  • Weight: 55kg - 121lbs
  • Measurements: 34B - 26 - 34
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site:
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: San Tan Valley
  • State: Arizona
  • Biography: Once you see Katie Kush on her knees, there is no way back. No matter how hard you try to stop thinking about her, it’s simply impossible to cease doing it over and over. She’s a knowledgeable expert in the VR art of fellatio and there is a reason for that. Even though she’s been in business just for 4 years, her skills are already supreme. Don’t believe me? Just watch a VR porn video where she’s doing a sloppy bj and you will be instantly convinced by my words. Her figure is very petite, as she measures just cute 5ft 2in, but even though she becomes unexpectedly strong whenever she sees a throbbing dick. Seeing a man fighting with his arousal by hiding his enormous cock behind the zipper always makes her sad. She’s aware that there aren’t many things in this world worse than that. Therefore, when she spots a man in need, she always comes with help. How does she do it? This girl has an enormous experience in ultra-high definition porn videos, which makes her a real cock expert. Just the thought of touching with her juicy lips man’s shaft causes her to tremble with excitement. She had been dreaming about this career ever since she turned 16. To her, this job was an act of volunteering. Men around the world deserve to get a perfect blowjob, and that’s the goal of this hottie’s life. Creating full-length VR porn videos helps her to fulfil it. Among her friends, Katie is known for having a heart of gold. Each of her male friends comes with a visit to her whenever he’s in need. Being so trusted by everyone around her is a motivation for this babe to never stop doing her best. That is what really made her capable of being part of the best VR blowjob videos on the Internet. This constant desire to spread the good throughout the world. Since she started her career in 2018, she’s been working around the clock. The harder the challenge, the more motivated and concentrated Katie becomes. That’s why each VR porn producers want her to cooperate with them.They are conscious of the fact that if Katie agrees to spend her time with them, they’re all going to gain a boatload of money. And cash is what this Babe likes as well. Apart from the fact that receiving a blowjob facial just turns her on, making money on that is something dreamlike. With such dedication to the work, it comes as no surprise that this girl cannot complain about her financial status. Living in luxury allows her to do whatever she fancies. So if you live next door to this sexual beast and happen to hear some noisy moans coming from her apartment, you may easily guess what is going on down there. All her neighbours know it and some of them take advantage of that. So paying her visit with some dirty thoughts in their head isn’t anything new for any of them. This hottie is so giving she never turns down any proposition with which men come to her. Whenever she can land her hands on men’s boxers, she does it. You see, that’s just her leaning. Probably each of us has some, but no one makes such good use of it as Katie does. Tasting a man’s cum after a well done sloppy blowjob is everything she wants as a reward for her efforts. Like most women, this babe is obsessed with masculinity, especially with the throbbing shafts. And having such a perfect figure which measures 32B-26-34, she gets laid whenever she wants. Those big blue eyes are just way too seductive for anyone. And her boobs... Oh! Their size of 32B makes them so easy to caress and lick. Many love to spend time just playing with them. If you want a big tit VR blowjob, Katie shouldn’t be your first choice, though. She’s aware of the fact that not everyone will be attracted to her, but she doesn’t give up. She will convince anyone to give her a chance. Her knowledge of fellatio positions surprises everyone? How did she attain such a level of sex mastery? There are many legends about it, but the most popular is that her parents provided her with comprehensive training on that subject from a very young age. They knew that if she was about to be a porn star, they should pass on her as much knowledge as they could. Therefore, they hired a professional teacher whose responsibility was to teach Katie everything that was available back then on the subject.This is what made this hot chick capable of finding herself at the forefront of 8k virtual reality blowjob sex clips. The scenes with her are famous. Her sensual lips are able to deliver so much pleasure that some of the men even cannot handle it. And it’s no surprise, because if in your life you’ve only tried some blowjobs of mediocre quality and now, while watching your best blowjob video on Swallowbay, you are confronted with the true expert in the subject, it may be hard at first. But if you allow Katie to just do her job and immerse yourself into the experiences, you will discover a new level of pleasure. Nothing on this planet will be the same for you once you put off your VR headset on the table. And if you wondered how to get VR porn with Katie Kush, nothing is simpler than that. The only thing you need to do is log into Swallowbay and click the “Play” button. Nowadays, getting pleasure is very simple. And people like the babe we are talking about here make it even easier. In the past, getting a high-quality bj was quite hard. Nonetheless, the time has changed. If you want to be a part of this shift, just enjoy the time you spend here. And watch Katie’s smile. She’s so cute...

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Katie Kush
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