The time has come to talk about the 69 sex!

The time has come to talk about the 69 sex! - VR Porn Videos

69 position has more secrets than you think, trust us

Okay, you probably know about it quite a lot, don’t you? After all, every single user of the internet does. Even the most innocent person you have ever met (you know who we are talking about - this chick from the neighbourhood, a great pupil with whom you have always wanted to have some big tits VR porn experience) has heard about 69 sex. The Internet is literally filled with it. Have you heard that erotic VR is the biggest business on the planet? That’s right, the porn industry is enormous, absolutely tremendous when it comes to its size. Cars? Clothes? Education? Por favor! Nothing, nothing is comparable to it. And now imagine - how much 69 sex position will you find inside it? After all, that’s the most popular one - or, at least, the most legendary. We are certain you already know the answer - a lot. A lot. And now it has come to Swallowbay. It serves as proof that no place, even the site with blowjob VR videos, won’t be spared when it comes to it. It’s pervasive, spreading stronger than a virus.

Why the heck is 69 sex so widely popular?

There is no one single answer for that, let’s be honest. When you try to tackle something as huge as 69 position you need to be careful. The number of possibilities for answering such a question is countless. You can go on and on - ha! Just ask chatGPT about it and observe how he’s struggling with it. Thus, if something as elaborate as artificial intelligence can’t find out a specific reason for the popularity of 69 sex in glasses VR porn, then something must be off with it. For such arduous cases, you need human expertise. We are the only ones who can truly understand the secret of 69 sex position, even if, initially, it eludes our words. To tell you the truth, the languages are only a tool. And, oftentimes - a very insufficient one. We got used to closing ourselves in the realm of words, as Wittgenstein said - the limits of our language are the limits of our worlds (or something of this sort!). Thus, while tackling the subject of the 69 position in the context of girlfriend VR, you must use something more than your mind. Can you guess what?

Your cock is crucial for unravelling the mystery behind 69 sex

Many people claim that we don’t have the sixth sense. Bullshit. Come on! Guys, can anyone who grants himself a title of „cock owner” can seriously say something of this sort? Being adamant about what he’s saying? In our opinion it is infeasible. When you look at our girls, let’s take the lovely Alexia Anders VR for an example - can you really say that you feel nothing? That the vision, smell, touch, hearing and taste are the only senses you have? What about these vibrations down there caused by your little soldier? What about them? Can you take it for something different than another sense, really? Guys, let’s stop fooling yourselves, okay? Even though during your biology lessons you heard completely different things about both your piece of equipment and legendary 69 positions (at a guess, of course - after all, who knows? Only you, that’s for sure) you should rely on something different than the words of your teachers (we have already explained how limited are those, haven’t we?). It goes without saying that mature VR porn videos will serve as the best lesson when it comes to this topic.

You can’t undermine the relevance of 69 sex position in the culture

Christ! Is there anyone out there who has never heard of it? Many series, books, movies (especially the FFM VR ones, it is obvious) are based on it. Or, at least, include it in one of their scenes. There is an old saying in Hollywood. It goes like that „A single day without 69 sex is a lost day. A single movie without 69 position is a crap”. They really say that! Moreover, it is needless to say but they truly stick to that rule. Just take a look at your favourite film - doesn’t in include that legendary position? We bet it does. And even if it doesn’t - you simply have to visit Alexis Tae VR videos, ask for it and you will get it. Easy? Easy. In fact - easier than ever. Of course, the times we are living in have numerous disadvantages. Nonetheless, while talking about the downsides we have to remember about the upsides as well. People, remind yourself of that every single day - you have immediate access to Latina VR porn! It’s something unprecedented. You take your mobile phone, enter Swallowbay and voila! Having exceptional sex had never been easier guys, you must admit that.

69 sex position is everywhere, even on Swallowbay!

Don’t you think it’s too much? Because we, personally, do. Everywhere, literally everywhere - 69 sex, how to fuck a girl in 69 position, what’s the impact of... It goes like that ad infinitum. Why don’t people talk about sloppy blow jobs VR porn videos instead? To tell you the truth, we regard them as a much more engaging topic. Unlike in 69 sex, in our bukkake VR you don’t necessarily have to put too much effort into what you are doing. As a matter of fact, you are the one who is lazing around - and our girls are doing all the job for you. Don’t you think that it’s essential to have someone who, after a long day at work, will take a burden of life off your shoulders for a little while and help you relax? In Brenna McKenna VR videos that’s what you will experience. Yes, perhaps it won’t include 69 sex. But is it that bad? By no means should you have such ridiculous thoughts.

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