Turn your sexual life up with side sexual positions

Turn your sexual life up with side sexual positions - VR Porn Videos

What is the best side sexual position?

Having sex is a unique experience every single time. Unfortunately, it is not always satisfying, which is a bummer - especially because in modern times it can be hard to find time for intimacy. That is why many people try to look for the recipe for success; they research techniques, and sex toys, or watch milf VR porn videos to get some inspiration from more experienced professionals. So what exactly can be called the greatest position for a hot night? Well, the spooning sex position is quite popular and well-regarded, but it can’t be said that it works for everyone. Each person is unique and will enjoy different types of stimulation! But don’t worry, it’s great news; experimenting in the sexual sphere is a rewarding experience. For example, folks in amateur VR don’t always know what exactly are they doing, and it may seem awkward at times, but in the end, they always are having fun. The most important factor is listening to your partner and having an open mind. With an adequate attitude, even the sloppiest sex can bring excellent orgasms, maybe even more so than anything meticulously planned. There’s nothing more refreshing than spontaneity, and the spooning sex position is great for unexpected intercourse.

How to perform the spooning sex position?

Some of the more sophisticated fucking positions can seem very hard to do. One can look at people from VR yoga and not believe how the hell they bend their bodies like that. Fortunately, fucking, in the end, can be very simple; there are multiple ‘lazy’ poses to choose from, and they are in no way worse than all this Kamasutra shit. If you wanna try a side sexual position but don’t like to strain yourself, definitely go for the spooning sex position. Both partners have to be on their sides, and the penetrating person enters the pussy or ass from behind. See? Easy. Moreover, it allows a lot of skin contact and cuddling. It’s especially satisfying with a female lover with a body like that of actresses from curvy VR videos since it allows simple tits grabbing. And all of this pleasure is accessible without much fuss or complication; and works especially well in a soft bed. There’s nothing more romantic than allowing yourself and your partner a bit of relaxation and a slow, laid-back session of fucking. All it takes is the first step.

Side sexual position for anal amateurs

For many people hooking up is nothing special. They can pick any attractive stranger and simply go for it; for example, Kali Roses VR is known to go to bed with any person she fancies, not worrying about any conventions. She simply does what she wants, no strings attached. However, not everyone is as open - such individuals prefer to fuck with their partner or partners, people they trust in any case. It’s especially true with the anal sex, which is still taboo in many circles, despite being such a normal thing! That is why there are women who find themselves feeling shy despite deeply desiring to try it. In such cases, spooning sex position can be perfect. Since lovers face away from each other, there’s no need for awkward eye contact. It allows a full focus on sensation, and the pleasure certainly is also enough to chase the doubts away. With time, as girls from Blonde VR say, all hesitations melt in the fire of pure lust. All that is important is to start in a safe way, such as the one provided by the side sexual position to not create any additional problems. Simply remember about communication and focus on what feels best.

Spooning sex position has many hot variations!

What’s better than having a favorite position? Having multiple ones! It turns out that our well-liked side sexual position has some interesting versions. It was heard that even the delightful Sera Ryder VR is a fan of many of those… For starters, there’s spooning doggy style: the girl lies on her side with legs curled up, and the guy fucks her from behind, with legs on her hips. It’s basically puppy-style for lazy folks, especially perfect for weekend mornings when the bed’s gravity seems to be the strongest. Another thing to try is spooning on top in which the chick lies on the man, back to him. It also involves penetration from the back and is especially fun for couples with big size difference. It unfortunately may now work if one of the partners feels too heavy… After all, not every lady is like petite stars from skinny VR porn. But that’s what’s beautiful about bodies, every one is sexy in its way. So if the position feels inadequate for your body type, sure, give it a try if you feel like it, but don’t hesitate to look for something more fitting.

What to try when you’re bored by side sexual position?

It is widely known that the biggest killer of passion is routine. Even people who aren’t exactly adrenaline junkies need a dose of variety from time to time. In such cases, it’s advised to start by looking for inspiration, for example, by watching interactive VR porn videos. Nothing is as helpful as seeing other people fucking, it’s not only pleasurable but also can be enlightening. Yeah, spooning sex position is amazing, but for the sake of experimentation try out something new or incorporate sex toys into your bedroom! Vibrators, cock rings, whips, and feathers are always great options to consider. Moreover, as Feet VR shows, sometimes it’s worth it to consider the stimulation of unorthodox body parts. Focusing just on genitals is a common mistake; true intimacy experts know that for example lips, fingers, and feet also have many nerve endings that are also thirsty for some love. Try playing with sensations, for example by using ice cubes or having a hot, steamy shower sex; overall stuff is a bit more kinky than your usual side sexual position. Never give up on looking for fresh ways to positively surprise both your partner and yourself. The human body truly is a miracle that can feel such a vast range of experiences.

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